GTA V Online Penthouse Apartment Designs – Moody (2 of 8)

This Moody design is shown in this video in the Eclipse Towers #3 penthouse apartment, but this design looks exactly the same in any of the three penthouse apartments. Only the view is different.

Each of the designs have some very specific differences. Here are some of the most important features of the Moody design.

• Foyer: Low ceiling with mirror on wall
• Flooring: Dark grey large tile and light wood
• Walls: Black and white walls with red accent walls
• Heist room: Black wall with paintings and wood floor
• Kitchen: Black and white cabinets with wood countertops
• Dining: Closed wall under stairs with charcoal grey table and chairs placed in the center of the dining area
• Living room: Dark grey and orange furniture
• Fireplace: Linear fire open only to living room with glass dividing wall on one side and bookcase shelves on the other
• Stairs: Light wood risers with glass railing
• Blinds: Solid, roll-down black shades blocking very little of the views on all windows
• Bedroom: Grey wood floors with large nearly full wall behind the bed
• Bathroom: Dark grey square tiles, two square basin sinks, square tub
• Bedroom blinds: Solid, roll-down black shades blocking nearly the top third of the bedroom window

My two cents: This is a very dark, somewhat dreary design. The blinds don’t block much of the view from the living room windows, but they block quite a lot of the bedroom view. The wall under the stairs is not open as it is in some other designs so it makes the dining room space much smaller. If you like a lot of black and grey, this is the design for you.