GTA V Online Penthouse Apartment Designs – Aqua (8 of 8)

This Aqua design is shown in this video in the Eclipse Towers #3 penthouse apartment, but this design looks exactly the same in any of the three penthouse apartments. Only the view is different.

Each of the designs have some very specific differences. Here are some of the most important features of the Aqua design.

• Foyer: High ceiling with skylight
• Flooring: Pale aqua marble tile and very light wood
• Walls: Pale aqua painted walls and aqua striped tile accent walls
• Heist room: Aqua accent wall with baseball jerseys and dark teal carpet
• Kitchen: Bright aqua cabinets with marble waterfall countertops
• Dining: Open wall under stairs with glass dining table and teal chairs placed in the center of the dining area
• Fireplace: Linear gas fire with glass on the front and back, open to kitchen and living room and no wall on the other side of the fireplace between the kitchen and living room
• Living Room: Light grey couch with open corner with glass coffee table and large wall TV unit
• Stairs: Floating grey stone stairs with metal railing with a round reading chair and side table underneath
• Grey wooden blinds with very little view obstruction except for one partially open but fully lowered blind to the far right
• Bedroom: Dark grey stone block walls, light wood floors, and a dresser behind the bed Bathroom: Small shiny teal tiled walls, two square basin sinks, rectangle tub
• Bedroom blinds: Grey wooden blinds only slightly lowered on the large window, lowered to the floor but mostly open on the smaller window

My two cents: If you like the teal, the layout of this apartment is excellent. Although the dining table would be better if it were placed closer to the wall, the open concept of this design leaves lots of room for visitors to walk around. There is no wall on the left or right of the fireplace, leaving the kitchen open to the living room on both sides (like the “Sharp” design). It’s a fantastic layout, if the color isn’t too much to handle.