Granite Gear Traditional #4 Portage Pack review

Granite Gear Traditional #4 Portage Pack review

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Granite Gear Traditional #4 Portage Pack review

Hey guys! Bird from Bird Knows Best. You clicked on this video because you want to know more about the Granite Gear Traditional #4 Portage Pack. This is a large pack that holds 98 liters or 6,000 cubic inches.

The dimensions of the pack are 27 inches by 26 inches by 8-1/2 inches. It weighs about 2.7 pounds empty. It’s made of 210 DE Nylon Cardura and is water resistant. What I do to make it waterproof is put a 3 milliliter plastic bag inside of this and that way I put everything inside of that because I want to make sure everything stays dry because I don’t want to be inbounding waters and have my stuff wet and so far everything has always stayed dry using this system.

It’s got this loop here so when the bag is in the canoe, you simply grab it, put the padded shoulder fops on like a backpack which is great for portaging and there’s also an adjustable hip belt which is also padded which is riding high right now because I don’t have enough weight on the pack but it will ride on your waist. There’s also some adjustment here so the combination of these three — the shoulder straps, the padded waist band, and this really help take the weight of you and make it easier to carry the pack.

Like I said, I put the plastic bag in the bin. What you can do is you can put your tent, you can put your stuff sacks, you can put your other dry bags, and anything else that you want to put in here. Your cookware, your clothing, everything goes in this bag which I think is super nice. When you get to the portage, you just grab this bag, put it on and it can fit just about everything.

When you strap the bag down you will see you have three buckles on the top, you fold this over and there’s three adjustable buckles that you can connect like so and then you can adjust to make it fit how it works best for you. Each side has another strap to pick it up by and two adjustable straps which it will help you allow the bag to expand and contract the size you want.

Overall, I really love this bag. It’s super light at 2.7 pounds. It’s great for the body of waters. It allows you to carry it with a lot of stuff. One thing you do have to be careful of is make sure before you go pack your bag to see how heavy it is because you could put a ton of weight, more weight than some people could lift at. You want to make sure when you put it in the canoe that you center it so you don’t get your canoe a little lap sided.

Probably runs about $150 on Amazon. There’ll be a link in the description below to purchase it there. If you’re looking for a portage bag for canoeing, for the bounty waters, I highly suggest the Granite Gear Traditional #4. I hope you enjoy the rest of the review.

You are able to fold down the top and you can see there’s three buckles — 1, 2, 3 to buckle it down. And then you can adjust that so you can tighten that strap down. Same on both sides, there’s two compression straps basically to tighten the pack down. Then at the back, you’ve got your harness to wear the pack which is obviously crucial if you’re portaging so you can just pick this pack up. We have probably 60 – 70 pounds in it, so it takes a lot of weight and there’s this handle here so you’re able to pick it up.

All right, it’s really easy to put this on. I don’t have a ton of weight in here now but I wanted to show you just put it on like a backpack. You’ve got this little strap up here that you’re able to connect and tighten and then you have your waist band pack here. You just shut this here and you’re able to tighten this for more adjustments. It helps keep some of the weight more on the bottom of the bag but when you’re walking you are able to carry your paddles and fishing poles or whatever really easy.

It’s about $150. There’ll be a link to purchase it below from Amazon. It will also be at my Amazon store in the outdoor gear section.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you did, subscribe in my channel. Check out my other videos and until next time. Ca-caw!