GearbBastion Giveaway Cases Completed!

As part of the celebration of launching my new sales and networking site I’m having an awesome giveaway.
(main Artisan site)

This is a collaborative giveaway with 2 excellent prizes.

The 1st prize has a beautiful Custom Handmade Display cabinet worth well over $200USD.
contained within the display box will be 8 numbered cKc knives.

Each knife is made from N690 Stainless tool steel hardened to 60RC, and 0.149″ thick.
The 1st Prize knives feature my new Neck Knife (Craft Knife) called the CLB “crafty little B”

Each Maker will grind and finish the knife to their style of steel finish, and handle material and finish to create a beautiful display of 8 matching, but unique collectible pieces. total value approx $1600USD

There will be no sheaths as this is a display piece.

The founding members who will be making the knives can be found here.

The 2nd Prize is a numbered set of cKc Funky Rabbits. Each Serial will match the 1st prize serial… for the same maker. Again, a display piece with the grind and handle being done as they see fit and set in a nice display case also.

****NEW**** 3rd Prize added by LMarshall32…
(must be subscribed to his Gearbastion Shop as well as all other rules above)

I’ve shipped the blanks out across the world. Stay posted on their youtube channels to get updates on the site, competition, and progress of the knives.

Mike (Gavkoo) will be looking after the cabinets and organizing the receipt and delivery of the prizes.
Drawing will be done on this channel (KnivesAndStuff) by 10th March 2013 as long as all the blades are done on time.

Existing Artisans are not eligible to win.

its very simple.
visit the online registration and create a membership. You will be required to enter a valid email address, and click on the verification link sent via email before you become registered. Our site is trying to create a trading site of trust and openness, and we request real names be used where this will not effect your livelihood for job reasons.

Once you are a member, you need to visit one of the 8 founding members (or one of our other great and growing membership) and subscribe to their shop. Subscribing will email notify you of new products for sale from that member.

You need to register and sub to a shop by End of Day 11:59pm Feb-16th (PST) and at a minimum have that membership exist until the competition drawing is done.

There will be a lot of great things coming soon to Gearbastion, and we hope that you will join, tell your friends, and pay close attention to what is coming.