Gaming With a Burrow Couch (Review)

How much time do we spend gaming on our couches? A lot! Now there’s a couch for gamers! Watch our Burrow sofa review now- and check out how quick and easy it is to assemble!

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Hey guys, Charles Powers from The Game Fanatics here with a unique and slightly different product today. So, my wife and I just bought our first home, and one of the hardest decisions…unbeknownst to us…was picking a freaking couch. Loveseats, sofas, sectionals…colors, fabric, style. We spent weeks researching. Until we came across, what we think, was the one. Meet Burrow.

A couple of things sold us on the couch – the style, the color, the return policy, the stain resistant fabric, the hidden USB hub…and probably most important of all, the price..I could go on. And I will.

So here’s my review of the Burrow couch!

If you’ve heard of the “mattress in a box” companies such as Casper, Purple, or Tuft & Needle then the concept of a couch in a box/direct to consumer model should be pretty familiar. The couch arrived at our front door in 5 boxes. I was able to move these from the front door to the garage, and subsequently the living room without much help, but it’ll definitely take two people to move these up stairs.

As for when it came time to put the Burrow together, I needed zero tools. Let me repeat…zero. Tools. This is easily the least complex piece of furniture I’ve ever had to assemble.

Though the sofa arrives in multiple boxes, the essential pieces are pre-assembled: the back, bottom, and cushions, so you simply align the pieces, lock them in place with the industrial latches (rated for 800 pounds), and you’re pretty much done. My wife and I completed the assembly in about 15 minutes, and as I think back on it I still can’t believe it. I’d include the full regular speed video, but who wants to sit through 15 minutes of a husband and wife putting together furniture. “Babe, that’s not what the direction says” “Baby pass me the drill. I. Got. This.”

Seriously, the assembly was a breeze.

The Burrow couch was designed by an award-winning furniture designer and for me that was pretty cool because one of the challenges of picking a couch is settling on a design. The couch looks stunning. This is the charcoal gray color, there’s crushed gravel, beige, navy blue, and brick red. The sofa also features chemical free fabric and contains high-density foam core to help the cushions maintain their shape over time.

The USB/Power is a power cube that attaches to the bottom of the couch, it has 2 USB ports and 3 AC outlets – because the couch blocks two of my outlets, this convenience factor is a pretty nice addition.

Being 6’4″, I wanted something I could lay down comfortably on when it came time for sprawling out, yet something firm I could sit up against in the heat of battle. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Burrow couch allowed for both.

This sofa has seen a lot of action, and is holding up quote well, in short the Burrow couch is a work of craftsmanship.

Is it possible to fall in love with a piece of furniture? I’d argue that it is. Everything from the initial assembly to the comfort and functionality of the Burrow couch made it the perfect couch for my wife and I. Those who live a more nomadic lifestyle or live in apartments will be pleased with the modular design, and relieved when it comes time to pack up and go.

As for pricing, the Burrow starts out at $550 for the 1-seater and tops out at a little over $1100 for the 4-seater. Reasonable pricing for some quality furniture.

I’d hope to see corner pieces and ottomans, maybe even throws, rugs, and other furniture as well – I was so pleased with my experience I’m ready to furnish my entire living room with Burrow furniture.

That wraps up my review of the Burrows couch. Like I said, 2 weeks in and my wife and I are absolutely loving it! If you’re thinking about picking up one, or if there’s anything I can help clarify that I maybe didn’t go into enough detail about, please drop a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Be sure to check out for the full written review, and for all things geek culture.

Until next time, keep calm and game on!

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