Five Nights at Freddy’s Nightmare Chica PlayDoh with FNAF Surprise Packs

Another creepy PlayDoh Egg by GavinTV. This time its Nightmare Chica. Click the iCard above to vote on which Egg we should do next !

Making playdoh egg openings RADD !
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GavinTV reviews the newest fnaf toys by Funko and McFarlane Toys for you. GavinTV is the Premier FNAF Toy Reviewer on YouTube. We were the first to bring you the FNAF Toys by FUNKO when he was Invited by Funko to review their booth at ToyFair2016 in NYC. You saw them here first 6 months before they where released. We have done fnaf action figures, fnaf plushy, “Five Nights at freddy’s” MyMoji, FNAF emoji plushies, fnaf chocolate, FNAF Pancakes, fnaf chica, fnaf bonnie, Freddy fazbear. Additionally, Fnaf hangers, fnaf hanger plushy’s FNAF Giveaway, FNAF Vinyl Minis, fnaf lego or brick build sets and “ ALL FNAF TOYS MADE”

Gavin Fnaf toy reviews and fnaf toys unboxing with fnaf toys by funko and McFarlane are based on the popular game ” Five Nights at Freddys” FNAF1, FNAF2, FNAF3, and FNAF4 and now the new game ” Sister Location” also known as FNAF6. These are not fnaf legos. We create Gnarly, funny, and sometimes kinda creepy fnaf playdoh eggs filled with ” FNAF TOYS FOR KIDS”. Our newest playdoheggs are based on “fnaf sister location” have all the new fnaf characters such as “Funtime Freddy”, ” Funtime foxy”, “Bidybab”, “fnaf baby”, “ennard” and “Balora”. We will be doing “fnaf sister location” videos based on events such as: sister location gameplay, sister location trailer 2, sister location song, sister location jumpscare, sister location reaction, sister location theory.

Some of our past works include fnaf Freddy egg, fnaf Bonny Egg, fnaf toy Bonny egg, fnaf Foxy Egg, FNAF Mangle Egg, fnaf Puppet egg, fnaf springtrap egg, and fnaf Chica Egg. SUBSCRIBE to see in the upcoming month Gavin does “FNAF Funko Plushy Wave 2”, and Mcfarlane Brick Build Wave 2, fnaf arcade cabinet, fnaf closet, fnaf bedroom, right hall with Nightmare, fun with balloon boy, Cam 8 Hallway with Phantom Foxy, Right Air Vent with Toy Chica, Left Air Vent with Toy Bonnie, and more mcfarlane fnaf toys.