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The name of the Morning Star newspaper was my suggestion.when I lived in London between 1965 to 1967 when I told George Mathews then editor of the Daily Worker that it needed to change it’s name and it’s appearance to increase it’s circulation.

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“Morning Star”
The Only English Language Socialist Daily Newspaper in The World
During the time I lived in Hampstead London from 1965 to 1967 I met with communist party members in a house in Hampstead. I was not a party member so if I had nothing else to do I would attend these meetings and listen to see what they were on about. On one visit I got chatting to this guy whose name was George (George Matthews) who was seated next to me and told me he was the editor of the the Daily Worker newspaper, I guess he thought it was a big deal. We talked about one thing and the other and he asked me if I read the Daily Worker and I told him I did not. He asked me why not so I came up with the excuse that more or less told him it was drab looking and the day was over for it to be called the Daily Worker. I thought he was going to have a heart attack but instead he was real smooth country dress gentleman with old money look kind of a guy so I continued on and told him it had to be moved to another level to include every class and not just the regular working guy on the street which the name of the Daily Worker implies to, it has to appeal to every one including the name. I told him if I opened my Daily Worker in my local pub I would get stares and also I would look out of place wearing a suit. That was a mouth full for him to digest but I thought he would understand and then he asked me what should It be called. So continuing on with the bantering I suggested from the top of my head that it should be called the “Morning Star” and then I gave him the reason why it should be called the Morning Star with a red star representing the Soviet Union next to the name. I thought to myself that sounded good and wondered if he would buy it. Since I was not a member of the communist party which they reminded me for what ever reason but they did change the name of the newspaper that I suggested with the red star on the 25th April 1966 called “Morning Star”
I notice they were very cozy with Harold Wilson’s (Labour Party) in the 1966 United Kingdom General Election against Edward Heath for to be Prime Minister which Harold Wilson won. I wondered how close was Harold Wilson to these guys and Moscow because all of us were doing mailings from our homes from a list of names and addresses on behalf of the Labour Party
After I left Hampstead I have never heard from these guys ever again because as far as they were concern I traveled to South Africa and never to be seen or heard from again. I think they knew I wasn’t going to adapt to there way of thinking and from then on I couldn’t stand listening to who ever I came across spouting garbage on how life could be better under socialism or communism. The bottom line with these people is very simple. They see what’s in it for themselves and living a good life style for themselves and there family at the expense of others. Some countries in Latin America are heading down that same track with there leaders spouting out how life is better then before but poverty is growing at alarming rate and Venezuela is a good example.

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