Exploring Uli’s Stairs!!! – Hamilton, Ontario “Unofficial” Staircase!

Aaron and I take a tour of Uli’s Stairs in Hamilton, Ontario. They are an “unofficial” staircase that connect the Mountain Brow to the Rail Trail.
Music by Rossco Soletrain
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Uli’s Stairs are stone steps that connect the mountain brow to the Rail Trail. They were made by a local man named Ulrich, otherwise known as Uli. The city sees his steps as a risk to public safety. These steps are also the only steps connecting the Lower City of Hamilton to the Upper City in East Hamilton. The city has a set of steps made of steel nearby at the end of Kimberly Drive near Kenilworth Avenue but they only go halfway up to the Escarpment Rail Trail and the Bruce Trail. Uli’s steps makes up the final link between the Rail Trail and the mountain brow on top. The city of Hamilton plans on building a set of metal stairs near Margate Avenue which will cost the city $425,000 to install, just a few metres from Uli’s steps but it has been met with opposition from residents at the top of the planned stairs