Epoxy and bow ties – Part 3 Live edge slab desk build

I show how to inlay bow tie (dutchman) to a live edge slab and fill defects with west system epoxy. I use a router with the aid of a router guide bush and chisels to create the wooden bow ties. Then I fill any and all defects, gaps, cracks, voids using clear west system epoxy to help stabilize the live edge slab of Spotted Gum.

I give you a first glimpse of what the slab will look like with finish on it at the end of the video when I apply some sanding sealer. It looks awesome!

This is PART 3 of my live edge desk build. You can see the previous videos by following this link to the full playlist.

Some details about about the Spotted Gum slab.
Botanical name: Corymbia maculata
Length x width x thickness 1500mm x ~650mm x ~45mm.
Janka hardness: 11
Weight: 42.3kg

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