Endless Rain ~ Garden Update ~ Woodworking

It rained non stop so I worked in the off grid wood shop and with the laser engraver. I gave an overview of the garden so far for the year.

When it was not actually pouring rain there was a mist in the air. Not exactly rain but not dry. When you went outside you could feel the water hitting you but it was not really raining. I am not sure what you call that. It was wet.

So I worked some more in the off grid wood shop. My wood shop is fully off the grid and powered by solar panels. The energy is stored in batteries in my nearby off grid electronics lab.

I worked with the laser engraver and my band saw today. I etched out some forms using the laser and then cut them out on the band saw.

I have not ever used the band saw until now although I bought it a couple years ago at an auction house for only $100.

I have always dreamed of having a wood shop and now I do.

I also prepared a bunch of coffee coaster blanks on the table saw and sanded them smooth using the belt sander. This was all done with off grid power.

In the house I was working with the laser engraving images into coffee coasters for sale on my site Recycled Pallet Wood Products.

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