Dresser, Side Table, Shelf – Toy Story Miniature Room Box (1:12)

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In this video, I make the dresser, shelf and side table from Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story 1. These pieces are some of the easier parts of the room as they required only wood, and paint. But I enjoyed making them nonetheless.

Remember: You can substitute wood for heavy paper to recreate these miniatures.

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Height: 9 cm
Length: 5.5 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm

Materials used: 4mm thick Balsa wood. 1mm thick Pine for the drawers.

Side Table Stand:

Height: 5.3 cm
Length: 3 cm
Depth: 2.8 cm

Material used: 4mm thick balsa wood. Popsicle sticks. 1mm thick pine wood for the drawer.


Height: 7.5 cm
Length: 6 cm
Depth: 2 cm