DIY Wood Plank Wall | Under $40

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DIY Wood Plank Wall | Under $40 Lumber (10ft by 8ft wall)

1st you’ll need to figure out how many pieces of plywood you’ll need to cover your space by calculating square footage.

How to calculate square footage:
Measure the length and width of your wall then multiplying those two numbers together.

A typical 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of plywood covers 32 square feet.

Example: If your wall area is 90 square feet, 90 divided by 32 will mean you need about 3 sheets of plywood.

For me:
10ft x 8ft wall: 10×8 = 80ft2, meaning 2 1/2 sheets plywood

Materials List:
– My space is about 8ft by 10ft.

– – (3) 1/4” thick sheet plywood or underlayment (Full Sheet = 4’x8′)
– – 1 1/4” nails (for attaching planks with nail gun)
– – Sander
– – Stud finder
– – (optional) Paintable spackle/wood filler (or leave nails exposed like me)
– – Table saw or miter saw (for making cuts on the spot)
– – Jigsaw (for cutting around electrical outlets/light switches)
– – Paint and paint supplies
– – Coins as spacers (I used nickels)

Measurement Cuts: (Custom Sizing)
For me:
6 inch planks at 4 feet long (fat planks)
4 inch planks @ 6 feet long (med. planks)
2 3/4 inch planks @ 6 feet long (skinny planks)

DIY Wood Plank Wall | 4 Easy Steps!

1- Ask to have your plywood ripped into planks at your hardware store. come prepared with your measurements!

2 – Light sand and wipe clean

3 – Mark wall studs (I like using chalk)

4 – Start with first plank at the top – use a level, don’t trust the ceiling!
-Nail each plank into wall studs
-Stagger planks randomly
-Use as many whole-length planks as possible
-Make cuts as you go filling in smaller pieces (i used a miter saw)
-Use leftovers to start a new row

Tip: Use nickels as spacers

It’s just like a puzzle! I painted as I went because I paid extra attention to color variation – I didn’t want two of the same colors touching each other.

If you don’t like math or puzzles, I’d recommend sticking to just one color and one size variation for easier install.

Extending electrical outlet:
If your electrical outlet gets buried like mine due to the planks, use spacers for flush mounting.

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