DIY TV Wall Mount for LCD LED Flat Panel FREE CHEAP

How to make a French Cleat Wall mount for your flat screen out of wood and brains.

I already own a circular saw and had the 2×4 and screws needed so this cost me $0 and 30 minutes to produce.

Step 1. Find a suitable piece of 2×4 or 3/4 plywood by measuring the distance between the holes for the tv mount located on the back of your flatscreen (there should be 4 of these threaded holes already there) This distance is the minimum length you need. The width you dont have to worry about if your using 2×4. If you are using wider wood to start with you will need to cut it down to about 5 inches so as not to cover too much of the back of your tv (for cooling, cables etc). Once you’ve figured out the distance of the holes you can select an appropriate length (longer is better).

Step 2. Drill two holes into the wood to match where you will screw it into the tv.

Step 3. Cut a 45 degree angle down the length of the wood. Most circular saws can be swiveled and locked into a 45 degree cutting angle. Be careful to cut the wood about the center into 2 exact halves if you can otherwise you will jeopardize the thick area where the screws need to grab.

Step 3. You will need to locate the frame behind your wall if its drywall or if its concrete then you will concrete screws to fasten the one half of the wood to the wall. You also need to make sure your wall frame is wood and not metal like some high rise apartment buildings. Once you have found something solid to mount the other piece of wood to go ahead and mount it to the wall making sure its as level as possible. Your smart phone can be used as a level but you may require an app. The iphone native compass app is also a level.

Step whatever. Mount the other half to the TV then carefully rest the tv on the wall.

****Note this. This mount allows the t.v. to slide freely from side to side. If you have kids or animals that love the push flat screen t.v.’s you’re screwed. Spend the money buy a real mount and screw it tight to the wall.