DIY showerdome using 4.55 mm acrylic flat sheet.

DIY installation of an acrylic cover for my corner shower. Cost of materials was NZ$85 for the piece of acrylic 920 x 920 x 4.5 mm from CTS Plastics, Tauranga, $18 for the 6 mm Stein F rail from Bunnings, and $18 for the 4 m of Scotch outdoor mounting tape. The rail was a bit of a tight fit for the acrylic but I think I can still remove the acrylic if I need to do any maintenance on the shower doors. I did use a block of wood and a hammer in the end to push it all the way in so that there would be no leak of steam at the inner corner. A proper showerdome has a dome of course and allows water to drop around the edge of the dome as well as providing extra height. But I don’t need the height, and I will put up with any cold water dripping on me as it condenses against the acrylic sheet and rains back on to me. With trial runs using the acrylic with the paper, there were no drips.