DIY MIRRORED DRESSER (for a fraction of retail)

Hey there! I wanted to share the process of my DIY mirrored dresser. I hope you all enjoy and get inspired to do it yourself!! **OPEN FOR DETAILS!**

I wanted a mirrored dresser for our bedroom, but couldn’t justify emptying the wallet for one, so I figured I would make my own, and I wanted to share! I got the idea from April Bee’s channel where she made mirrored night stands (her link below) but I wanted a dresser so I thought I would try it out.
April Bee’s channel |

So here is my version of those expensive mirrored dressers (which retail around $1,000 or more) for a fraction of the cost!

I purchased this solid wood dresser off craigslist for $75 and purchased all other items, except mirrors from lowes. I borrowed the electric sander, I had sandpaper, paint brush, mask, caulk gun, and drop cloth so I didn’t need to purchase those items.

I purchased 16 slabs of mirror for the 13 drawers on the front, 2 sides, and top of mirror. I purchased from a local glass company. Lowes can do the smaller pieces of mirrors for the front and sides, but they weren’t able to cut a piece as large as the top of my dresser, so I just decided to have the glass company do all my pieces. I paid $157.36 for all the mirrors.

The rest of the items below are from Lowes
-Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 White Primer $9.98
-Valspar Brushed Nickel Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint (2 cans) $13.16
-Loctite Mirror, Marble, and Granite Adhesive (2 tubes) $9.96
-E6000 Clear Glue $4.28
-Acrylic knobs (13) $77.61

I hope you enjoyed watching! ❤️