DIY Kitchen Hand Towel or Bathroom Hand Towel Ideas Cute and Easy to make #28

Hi everyone! Watch and Learn how I make a kitchen or bathroom ideas.Towel is a piece of fabric used for drying your hands when it’s wet and today I’m gong to show you my towel ideas, It’s a small hand towel place by a sink for drying the hands, and kitchen towels which are used for drying dishes.
First I made a watermelon, I used green, red, black and white craft felt.Second is Cupcake, i used baby pink, pink, and assorted colors for sprinkles.Third is Ribbon, I used pink and blue combination.
and last…is Hello Kitty, I used white, red, yellow and black felt and of course towels.The materials are not so expensive.

The towel I used in this video are microfiber towel because it’s easy to hand wash and I also recommend to use bath towel kind because its more absorbent.

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