DIY Inside Cabinet Door Storage

How to build an inside the cabinet door storage shelf. Yep, that’s simple and easy.
So for the longest time my wife and I kept a set of baking pans inside the oven. Everytime
we would turn on the oven we would have to remember to take the pans out of the oven before it
heated up. That created an issue with where to keep the unused pans while the oven was in use.
Since we have a family of 6 under our roof that was pretty much an everyday occurance.
Sometimes we would remember to take them out but often times I would not.

There has to be a better way I pondered to myself. Then one day I reached for a cutting board that are
kept inside one of the cabinet doors and then realized how silly I have been to have built one for
the cutting boards but didn’t think about creating one for the pans. Oh well, better to think of a solution
late rather than never.

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