DIY Hybrid Holster for Ruger LC9s Pro and other LC9s holster options

DIY Hybrid (Leather & Kydex) Holster for Ruger LC9s Pro, and other holster options I have obtained for the Ruger LC9s Pro. Yes, i know, my camera work sucks! I made the Hybrid Holster (more details toward the end of the video @ 7:00 min. mark) using 9-10 oz. quality leather for the Kydex mount (.090 Kydex) and I also used quality Kangaroo leather for the backing (Some of the toughest and softest leather on Earth), all glued together with Barge cement. I made this DIY Hybrid Holster after looking at many hybrid holsters, and I really liked the designs of the Crossbreed Mini-Tuk, the FoxX hybrid holster, the Homestead hybrid design and Old Faithful hybrid holster. So, it’s sort of a clone of all of those designs with a ‘Combat Cut’ for the grip. I also used smooth backed Chicago screws/threaded posts, and ‘C clips’ purchased for $7 from Alien Gear. I also made some belt loops from .090 Kydex for swapping out the C clips if necessary. I also punched holes in the leather backing to make the belt clips fully adjustable for height and cant. I finished the edges of the leather with a belt sander, then numerous grades of sandpaper and used a buffing wheel and jewelers rouge to burnish the edges. Instead of dye, I used three very liberal coatings of Feibing’s Mink Oil rubbed into both sides and the edges of the leather. I then coated both sides of the leather and edges twice with clear shoe polish and buffed it by hand. It’s nice, shiny, very soft, and waterproof! I also decided on the ‘Combat Cut’ for the leather backing to achieve maximum grip instantly. Yes, the gun grip may rub my skin, but I think it will be fine. If not, I have more leather to make another backing to cover the grip completely. I also ended up hand stitching the edges and using an edge coating. Thanks for watching!