DIY Hall Table

DIY Hall Table — How to build a hall table.
This hall table is made from old bench seats from a school gym that were being replaced. The plans and dimensions are after the credits on the video.
The wood was a full 25 mm thick. If you are planning to make one and purchasing the planed timber it will probably only be approx 20 mm in thickness but all the dimensions can easily be changed.

I started by cutting out the curved legs. I used a scrap piece of narrow plywood to mark the curve on the legs. I cut all these out using a jig saw. I then clamped them all together to sand them all to same size. I ripped the front back and side rails to 150 mm using a straight edge and circular saw. the same process was used to cut the bottom shelf. I had to join two pieces to make up the width for the top (325 mm) this was done by marking and drilling holes for dowels. I then applied plenty of wood glue and then clamped the pieced together until set.
Everything then got a good sanding, this took quite a while as there was a few coats of paint on the wood (and lots of chewing gum!) Obviously if i had bought wood new I wouldn’t have had to go through this process. I assembled the rails legs and shelf with glue pins and screws. I plugged the screw holes with wooden plugs.
The top was attached with corner brackets. I only had 50 mm ones but smaller ones would do the job also.
The table is finished in satin wood finish. I had to get the paint mixed to the colour I wanted. The code for the exact colour is in the video.
Hope you like the project and enjoyed the video and good luck if you make your own. I tried to make it as easy as possible that is why there are no joints and its all just glued, pined and screwed.

Always be careful using tools and machinery!!

Music is from YouTube audio library.