DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art #1 | DIY Home Decor | Room Decor

Hi Everyone ! This is a DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art #1. Great Home Decor and Room Decor DIY project. For Home Decor and Room Decor it can add a special sparkle to a room. Using Dollar Tree items such as the gold necklace beads, mirror, 14 inch plastic round tray, magnetic mirrors and putting it all together can make this DIY Dollar Tree project.

Materials used:
Please see my video on DIY mirror #4

*Need to make 4 DIY mirror #4 gold beaded mirrors (large mirrors)
-4 mirrors- Dollar Tree (without the frame the mirrors are about 8 inches)
-about 12 packages of 6 gold necklace beads – Dollar Tree
-4 — 14 inch round plastic tray – Dollar Tree

-6 magnetic mirrors – Dollar Tree
-about 6 packages of gold necklace beads- Dollar Tree
1 package of storage container (small size) – Dollar Tree
-jute cord – Dollar Tree

Hi Everyone! While the jute cord & E6000 is holding strong. To add more strength, you can add multiple jute cords & picture hanging wire. Glue down with glue gun (strong glue) on both sides then add E6000 on both sides also. The jute cords/picture hanging wire must be embedded in both glues. Make sure that both glues are fully dry before hanging. Hope this helps!!!

-spray paint – Rustoleum PURE GOLD

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