DIY Decor, Frame Mirror (pricey look)

Hey Loves! In the video I will share how to make your own Mirrored artsy frame look ! .

I mean why buy when you can do it yourself? The pursuit of the home of your dreams can get really expensive and leave you hanging mid way when you underestimate the costs of even the smallest of decor pieces. Yes, you will have to buy most of the things, but if you save by doing it Actually beautiful for decorating your home! DIY Room Decor Ideas

your welcome hun

What you will need:

– Spray paint / normal wood paint (i used metallic and moss green self mixed)

– spoon or spatula

– wooden planks mine where 20 cm by 60 cm ( of course you can go bigger, its all a preference

– Silicone glue /mirror glue
– tissue or toilet paper.

-mirror`s were from the hardware store ( i asked my husband to cut them in my desired length and big mirror was from Ikea

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