DIY Charm Display Box (Dust-proof)


Heya! Hope you guys could learn something out of this tutorial which i think is quite poorly put together, sorry for that! I know i’ve missed out on a lot of details so i’ll clarify some of it here.

1. Unlisted materials in the video:
double sided tape, plastic transparent sheet, deco tape, and something thin but blunt suitable for scoring (to make creases on your cardboard).

2. Measurements of the box: 28cm x 28cm (according to my styrofoam size)
Everything else are measured by eye so feel free to let your imagination be your ruler. Other options are to look for basic diy box templates or just buy an empty box that isn’t too thick and has a cover that opens the same way as the one in the tutorial.

3. Anything else i’ve missed here please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments – i’ll try my best to answer them.

If any of you are attempting on this, i would really love to see your version of it! 😀
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