Disney Princesses Snow White Jasmine Rapunzel Magical Dress Up Makeover | Toys Academy

Disney Princesses Snow White Jasmine Rapunzel Magical Dress Up Makeover| Toys Academy

Today Ms K will turns three of the beautiful Disney Princess, Snow White, Jasmine and Rapunzel. The different Disney were bought from several stores like Disney store, JC Penney and Walmart. This makes Ms K so happy, three of her favorites she’s going to dress up makeover complete with accessories and hairdo. As Snow White, its with the sparkly Snow White dress, the red headband with red bow and gold with red jewel on top, beautiful shoes and magical wand. And of course the hairdo of Snow White to complete the look. As Princess Jasmine, gorgeous 2 piece dress of Jasmine with the genie bottle in front, jewelry set, the golden crown with the genie bottle and gems, the shoes and the hairdo. As Princess Rapunzel, the beautiful purple and pink gown jewelry accessory set with flowers and hearts, long blond braided with flowers wig, and Rapunzel’s shoes. Its super fun dressing up as the Disney Princesses. Hope you like the video. Thank you all for watching!

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