Dirty Pour with Chroma Colors Plus Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint Pouring

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Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panels are specifically designed for paint pouring- They are available for purchase here:

1/4″ Hardboard Painting Panels

My current (non archival)mixing ratio for PVA paint pouring is: 1 part acrylic paint to 1 part PVA.
Add water to reach desired consistency. Then a spray of silicone just prior to pouring.

My current (archival)mixing ratio for Pouring Medium is: 1/2 Tablespoon of soft bodied paint to 1/2 Cup of medium- I find that it takes longer for the medium to dry
I bounce back and forth between using PVA and Pouring Mediums to just paint and water,
sometimes Floetrol, sometimes not. Sometimes I use a torch. Sometimes a heat gun.

I am convinced that it is all about the fluidity of the paints.
There are many recipes and mixing ratios online, I think it’s important to experiment and see what works for you.

FREE 30 page eBOOK – Introduction To Fluid Art

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I am often asked where I purchase my supplies. I buy almost all of my art supplies from Amazon.
I have now partnered with Amazon as an affiliate so that I can offer you a list of my favorite supplies.
As an affiliate I will be compensated if you shop through the links below–this compensation helps me to
continue experimenting with art materials.

Canvas and Panels To Paint on
Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panels
12″ x 12″ Canvas (7 pack for under 20 Bucks!)

Mediums and Alternatives
PVA (Elmer’s Glue)

Acrylic Paints I Have Used
GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics
Liquitex Basics Matt Acrylic Color Primary Paint Set
Chroma 50500 Acrylic Essential Set of 12
Dye-Na-Flow Liquid color
Apple Barrel Complete Paint Set
Liquitex Soft Bodied Acrylics (mixed into the pouring medium)
Chroma-Color Paints Available Here
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Other Essentials
KILZ Aerosol Primer
Rust-Oleum Flat Black Primer
Acrylic Knockdown Knife (For Swiping/Skimming)
Sharpie fine tip paint markers
Uni-posca Paint Marker Pens
Triple Thick Clear Glaze
LiBa Culinary Torch
B’laster Silicone Spray
Liquitex Gloss Varnish
Coconut Milk (Dimethicone I use)
Rust-Oleum American Accents Gloss Clear
Heat Gun
Long Spatula
Wire Basket to Place Canvas On

Video Recording Equipment

Canon EOS 70D Video Creator Kit
Studio Lighting Kit

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