Dibond and Sintra Display Graphics Printing by ArtisanHD

Dibond and Sintra: Choosing the Best Product for Display Graphics by ArtisanHD

The material to use for Corporate Identification (CID) and display graphics depends on a number of factors, including palcement and budget. Dibond and Sintra, specifically those of 3A Composites, are explained by ArtisanHD’s (www.artisanhd.com) Mike Goldner. Mike explains how ArtisanHD works with clients to use the best materials to achieve the best results, even if the best material and product is not part of the client’s original specs. From commercial retail displays to outdoor signage and living room walls – 3A Composite products like Dibond and Sintra lend a clean, sleek, artistic look to any space – plus they are extremely durable!

Find out why professionals use Dibond and Sintra for CID and graphic displays. This video interview about 3A Composites products including Dibond and Sintra, and how we work with clients to find the right product for their project, truly illustrates why we’re more than printing, we’re Artisan. Our experts take great care with your artwork! For more information or to get started on your order, visit

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