Determining Angled Filler Sizes For Cabinets

Demonstration of how to determine the angled scribe filler sizes for cabinets. The angle fillers for wall-upper cabinets, base or bathroom vanities are all laid out the same way. Once you have your lines drawn on the floor or on a scrap piece of wood, you can use a protractor to determine what the degree of the angle is that you need to cut on the filler scribe pieces. Whatever the protractor reads needs to be deducted from ninety degrees. The difference will be what the angle is at the filler area.

As a side note, when there’s a dishwasher in an angled corner, you need to add a return piece of wood so that when the dishwasher door is open, you won’t be able to see the void. This is discussed in the video.

Once your layout is complete, you can use the upper cabinet lines for measuring the size of the filler for the bottom and top of the wall cabinet.

Kitchen base cabinet fillers and vanity bathroom base cabinet angled scribes are laid out in the exact same manner. The only difference is that bathroom cabinets are twenty two inches (22″) deep, where kitchen base cupboards are twenty four inches (24″) deep.