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Why travel to New York, L.A., or Paris when 2 Danes has the finest selection of contemporary and designer furniture and accessories right here? For over a decade, 2 Danes has provided furniture solutions for the discerning buyer, solutions that fit one’s lifestyle and make a statement.


Where you live, laugh and entertain is the heart of your home. Your living room is a space that reflects your family personally. With contemporary living room furniture, 2Danes can help you transform your living room into the space you envision. From customized solid wood entertainment cabinets and bookcases for your media collection or luxurious leather recliners, to lavish sofas and state-of-the-art Stressless chairs, we can give you living room you’ve always imagined.


You spend a significant amount of your daily life working, whether at home or in an office. Why not have office furniture as beautiful as durable as the other furniture in your home? We offer a wide range of solid wood office furniture as well as a full collection of sit-stand desks to suit your needs. If you’re tired of sitting at an uncomfortable chair all day, then 2Danes can provide you with everything from comfortable office chairs with back support to desks that move to the perfect height for you.


Do you want to treat yourself to a luxurious bedroom? It’s the most private space in the home, but it’s your place of rest and a room that should reflect you personally. Our solid wood beds are made completely metal free. Our complete National Murphy bed collection provides a more functional space. You can turn a seldom used guest bedroom into a home office or hobby room, while also providing the comfort of a real mattress for your guests.

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