Daktronics J Series Displays-J10 Replacing a Hub and Receiver Card

This short video gives visual instructions on how to replace a hub and receiver card on a J10 display.

Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to our Daktronics video tutorial for the J series products.

Today we are going to show you how to replace a receiver and hub card in our J10 display.

First turn off the power to the display. Wait for about 30-40 seconds for the power to drain off in the section.

Next, remove the RJ45 cable connected to it. You see 2 power cables, loosen the screws and slide the spades out.

Next, remove the ribbon cables connected to the cards by just pulling it straight backwards and out.

To remove the hub card you want to put your fingers on the top and bottom and slowly edge it out. Be careful with the pins so you don’t rip them.

There are a total of 4 screws, 1 in each corner that hold the receiver card to the cabinet. Go ahead and remove that. Hold onto the card before you remove the last screw. There you go.

Get the replacement card. Hold it up against the screw ports. Put in the first screw. Put in a second screw so you can center the card. And once the card is centered, go ahead and tighten the screws.

Next, to put on the hub card, make sure you orientate it with the tabs on the top. Make sure you line up the pins correctly. Holding the card on the side push it straight down making sure the whole card is snug. Then replace the ribbon cables. They have a notch here and only go in one direction. The first cable on the top into the first socket and subsequently the rest of the card.

Next, the power cables, making sure the black tab is on the right. Slide the spades below the screws and tighten. Give it a wiggle, make sure it is firm, then connect your RJ45 cable to the card and you can turn on the display.

The last step is to make sure you send the configuration file to this display card.