Convertible Live-Edge Bar & USMC Cocktail (fear will get you hurt)

You’ve seen my bar where I mix a cocktail after every build – It’s pretty cool, but you can’t sit at it. So it’s time to build a live-edge, cedar L- shaped bar, that converts to a long, straight bar, if that’s what you need. And this time, there’s a special guest in my shop, From the CW’s Save Our Shelter, Master Craftsman Rob North is in town and he’ll help be get the job done. When we’re finished with that, of course it’s time for a cocktail. In honor of Rob’s service as a US Marine, let’s make a 1775 Rum Punch.

1775 Rum Punch:
In an old fashioned glass
Add 5 ice cubes
2 shots of dark rum
2 shots of lime juice (fresh is best, but I was out)
2 shots of honey simple syrup
swirl to mix
add 1 dash of bitters
If you drink more than two, you might wake up in boot camp

I got those cedar slabs from Hanna and Chris at Seraphim Craft Works:

You can find Rob North at and

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