COD, Black Ops, Call of the Dead, (MP40 ROCKS ISH) (3)

What is going on YouTube, 777Johney here and I’m bringing you some more Call of Duty Black Ops zombies. I’m playing Call of the Dead with my friend Aaron. Now this guy is like my bro and we decided to play some Call of the Dead but we set ourselves a wee challenge using pistol and MP40 only of course pack punch allowed see how far we got. We did amazing lol, well watch the video and see, leave a comment and what round do you think we managed to get up to. It’s not as good as you might think. This is another live Gameplay so I hope you enjoy it my friends. If you have enjoyed the Gameplay it only takes a second to click that like button so please do If you want to see more amazing Gameplay then click that subscribe button, also please comment, share and favourite and the usual rubbish please. Please watch and enjoy the Gameplay and with that 777Johney signing out so Peace out Guys, Peace out.

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