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Welcome to my channel! I hope y’all like getting a peak into my home and at all of my Christmas decor for 2017! If you like classic country and rustic decor, you are sure to love this tour! Please subscribe!


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-What is my job?
I am a licensed cosmetologist & makeup artist.
-When is my due date?
November 19, 2017
-Are we having a boy or girl?
-How did you come up with his name?
Major is my father’s name, and Makoa means ‘bold man’ in Hawaiian. Put it all together and we came up with Major Makoa Whitfield.
-How long have Evan and I been together?
8 years, married for 4 years.
-How did Evan and I meet?
-What breed is Linx?
She is a rescue, but we believe she could be a mix between any of these breeds- pitbull, boxer, german shepherd, akita, australian shepherd.
-What breed is Luna?
She is a rescue, but we believe she may be a mix between these breeds- pitbull, hound, retriever.

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