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Buying cheap cabinet doors doesn’t have to mean buying seconds or inferior quality.

Cutting out the middlemen is the secret to buying anything for the lowest price, including top quality cabinet doors.

Here is a quick demonstration that illustrates why retail prices are so much higher than factory prices, and how you can avoid paying those high prices.

The retail store doesn’t make the items they sell, they buy them from middlemen.

The middlemen, known as stocking distributers, buy from the actual manufacturers, and inventory the goods made by the factories.

The retail chain stores, including big-box stores, find it more convenient to order from a few hundred of these distributers, instead of the thousands of actual manufacturers.

While this marketing model guarantees the retail stores a fast replacement of the products it sells, it also increases the cost of each product sold by the store.

This is one reason prices are higher at the end of the retail chain than at the start of the chain…The Factory.

Here are a few of the cost increases added by each step of the chain.

Stocking Distributers have huge warehouses and multi-million dollar investments in inventory.

They also have major expenses in Utilities, Security, Accounting, Insurance, Salaries, Property Taxes, and Trucking.

These Middleman costs are added to the factory price and you, the consumer, pay these costs.

The last step in the retail marketing chain is the retail, or big-box store.

The retail stores also have costs which must be added to the price you pay.

Some of these costs are…Store rent, utilities, accounting, security, sales staff salaries, management salaries, insurance, property taxes, and sales taxes.

So, when the costs of the Stocking Distributer and the retail store are added to the factory price, the price you pay more than doubles.

Until now the end consumer didn’t have the option of buying directly from the factory…Until now.

The internet has turned the traditional marketing model upside-down.

Sophisticated websites, operated by the actual manufacturers, have eliminated the need for departments dedicated to order-entry and customer interface.

Now large manufacturers no longer have a large extra expense from selling directly to the end user…The homeowner.

You can now buy directly from one of America’s oldest and largest manufacturers of top-quality cabinet doors.

Western Cabinet Doors, Incorporated is offering our entire line of hundreds of cabinet door styles, in over a dozen wood types, at wholesale prices online.

Our website, CabinetDoors.Com allows you to select from hundreds of door styles, choose the wood you want, and enter any custom size, right down to the 1/16th inch.

To demonstrate the saving you’ll get from buying directly from the manufacturer, we’ll price our Shaker Cabinet Door in Paint-grade.

Start by clicking our most popular doors link.

Then scroll down and select our Shaker Door.

From the Shaker Door Product Page, scroll down and open the wood type drop-down menu.

Now enter a width and height of 12-inches. Notice the price for this door.

Take a little time and visit the websites of the Big-box stores and price this same Shaker Door. Notice their price is between $22 and $30 for this exact same door.

We supply Cabinet Doors to several national retail chains, dozens of home builders, and hundreds of Custom Cabinet Makers, so you can be assured that the quality you receive will be exceptional.

Now you have the option of skipping the entire retail chain, and the added costs that go along with it.

You can buy directly from the cabinet door factory and save well over half!

Manufacturer of custom cabinet doors in hundreds of styles and 14 wood types.

We have been making unfinished cabinet doors since 1980.

We utilize modern computerized machinery and have made over 10 million cabinet doors for new homes in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

We make both Mitered and Traditional Cope & Stick cabinet doors for new homes and re-modelers, as well as home-owners.

We make replacement cabinet doors in both arched and square designs and in over 300 different door styles.

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