Catherine Parsons Dining Chairs –

In this video we learning how to easily assemble the Catherine Parson’s dining chairs, available at:

Step 1: Carefully unwrap all the pieces from the box and lay them out on a carpeted area. (Including 2 red bags of hardware)

Step 2: Take a seat cushion and remove the Styrofoam pieces from the corners. Put a lock washer and flat washer on every bolt.

Step 3: Push a front leg into the front corner of the seat so that the holes line up. Then insert one of the smallest bolts through the corner hole and into the leg hole. (Jiggle the leg if needed to align the pieces.) Do the same with second hole and tighten by hand.

Step 4: Repeat with 2nd front leg. Then use the allen wrench to tighten the bolts (but not completely).

Step 5: Lay the chair back piece face up and place the seat unit to where the center hole and wooden bar align. Insert longer bolt into the back corner blocks and tighten by hand. Repeat on second back leg corner. Use allen wrench again if needed.

Step 6: Insert medium size bolt into the center back hole on the seat unit. Use the allen wrench to tighten. Repeat on left and right holes. Make sure all 7 screws are tight with included wrench.

Step 7: Put the chair up on even surface, straighten the legs and tighten all of the first inserted bolts.


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