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In this video, I made a Coffee Table Counter and next week I will be making the legs for the table.

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How To: Board and Batten (Ana White)

How to: DIY Board and Batten (Ana White) Click the red subscribe button to see more videos just like this – I make videos like this every week!

This project was inspired by Ana White. You can find her original plans and tutorial here:

I was looking for a solution for getting my children’s fingerprints off the walls. I had my eye on semi-gloss white paint for a while because you can easily wipe messes right off without damaging the finish, but it’s so shiny that I didn’t know if I wanted it on my walls…until I saw the Board and Batten wall feature and thought…AH-HA.. that’s it! Deets below!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional – just a mom who likes to get stuff done!

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I’m into building things for my home, all things healthy/organic/non-toxic, learning new things, kind people & newly interested in a minimalistic lifestyle.

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Materials List:

My space is about 8ft by 3ft with boards spaced about every 12″ and 72″ in height, I used . . .

3 – 1×4 @ 8 feet long (I prefer pine boards (formaldehyde free) vs MDF
12 – 1×2 @ 8 feet long
Liquid Nails Adhesive
2 inch finish nails
Elmer’s Wood Glue
Elmer’s Wood Filler
120 grit sandpaper
paint brush
(NOTE: if you need to replace baseboard moulding add 3 additional 1×4 @ 8 feet long)
My baseboard hack (so I don’t have to replace existing moulding):
– 2 strips of lattice
– 2 strips of quarter round trim

Measurement Cuts: *Custom
Note: Yours will be different
For me, I made these cuts at home with a circular saw to ensure precise measurements..
1 – 1×2 @ 8ft
11 – 1×2 @ 60”
Using scraps from the 60” cuts:
2 @36”
1 @30”
2 @29”
2 @28”
1 @27
1 @23”

Step 1:
Mark wall studs with chalk using stud finder.
Choose the height of your top 1×4 rail.
Choose whatever looks best in your space…it could be 48”, 60”, or whatever! I chose 72”, it just seemed like the right height for my small half-bath.
Attach the top 1×4 board with nails to studs.
Check for level…don’t trust the floor.

NOTE: Attach boards with nails to suds as much as possible.

Step 2:
Inspect baseboard to ensure it’s the same thickness as the boards you’re attaching.

Option 1:If the thickness is less than your vertical 1×2 boards, remove baseboard and replace with a 1×4, nailing the new baseboard into wall studs.

Option 2: Baseboard hack -My baseboard was too thin to match up to the vertical 1x2s so I added a strip of lattice above existing baseboard and a strip of quarter round trim above the lattice so the 1×2 boards would run flush together. With a bead of caulk and paint, it’s perfect!

Step 3: (spacing and cut 1x2s)
Now figure out your spacing for vertical 1×2 boards.
NOTE: Consider toilet paper holder, light switches, outlet plugs, toilet when figuring out spacing.
Now cut to fit vertical 1x2s to fit between the baseboard and the top horizontal 1×4 board/rail.
Attach with nails to wall studs.
Check for level as you attach.
NOTE: Use liquid nails to attach 1×2 boards that do not have a stud, and then nail at an angle holding the nailer at a downward angle to keep the boards from popping off until glue dries.

TIP: It’s ok if the boards are not exactly the same distance apart. I wanted mine evenly distributed around those fixtures and spaced accordingly to that that. Some of mine are spaced 9.5”, 10”, 10.5”, 11, 11.5”, 12, 12.5”, 13” apart and you can’t even notice!

TIP: use masking tape or painters tape to hold boards up while figuring out ideal spacing.

Step 4:
Attach 1×2 with wood glue and nails, to cap the top horizontal 1×4 board creating a ledge.

Step 5:
Lastly, prepping for paint by filling all holes with wood filler and let dry.
Sand in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper.
Remove any remaining sawdust, wipe clean, prime and paint.


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Mid Century Modern Desk || How To Woodwork Dovetails

The idea of hand cutting dovetails is what sparked my interest in proper woodworking years ago. I am so happy to have developed the skills required to pull them off! The upper case of the desk is made from some beautiful dark walnut and is roughly 52″ X 4 1/2″ X 16″. The boards were flattened, thickness planed, glued together, cut flush, chopped and dovetailed before getting some holes drilled into the bottom and half way into the top.

The holes are there to accept the legs, and those legs are made out of some stunning birdseye maple. I flattened one side, cut the strips to size, glued them together, chucked them up in the lathe, turned them into tapered legs, sanded them smooth and glued them into the holes in the top.

The legs rake and splay at roughly 15 degrees. The placement of the holes causes the legs to tuck under the edge of the desk about 3/4″. This allows the desk to be pushed up tight against a wall since it clears the baseboard. The overall height of the desk is 29″. That’s slightly lower than a standard desk, but that’s because this is for my daughters. I will be building complementary stools in a future video.

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Make a Timber Slab Side Table – Forme Industrious

I was gifted some slabs of Australian Hardwood (Redwood?) from a lady who had plans to make some thing from them, however she never got the time to do anything with them, so she decided to give the pieces away. This build I make some legs and clean up the timber a little to make a little retro looking rustic side table. I finished the timber with boiled Linseed Oil, then bees wax. The steel legs has a single pack clear coat. I thought it only fair to gift this piece back to its original owner, hoping that she likes it.

Live Edge Slab Table from Tree Trunk

Here’s a story about how I came upon this slab, cut from a tree trunk, a few years ago. It’s been quite the adventure and I’m oh so happy to finally see this piece of wood become a table. Thanks for watching.

Building a contemporary Barn door with stainless steel accents

I was commissioned to build all the doors in the house for some clients. They liked this contemporary look, so I built it in several barn doors, a pocket door, and a hand full of left and right hand swing doors in various sizes.
The doors are made from cherry with a dark espresso style stain and accented with stainless steel accents.

More on these doors here

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A step-by-step 3D Wall Art Panel DIY and TV entertainment console transformation. See ideas to enhance movie night with this budget-friendly project. Customize the 3D wall art panels to reflect your style!

3D Board Art wall panels:
LED lighting:
L-shaped framing square:

For a cost breakdown of this project, go to under the DIY tab.

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