Bass Drum and Drum Sticks Coffee Table

i’ll apologize ahead of time 😉

this is a custom-requested build, a second version of a piece i made a few years ago that went viral. it was much loved by many but also drew some negative flak. to quote ms. swift, “hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate, hate…”

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Coffee Table Build Off 2014

Got a little video shot of the live edge coffee table that I entered into the coffee table buildoff hosted by Neil Cronk from the Cronkright Workshop. Check out all the amazing designs submitted here:

Build this Office Side Table (WnW #10)

This is a simple project build video. I was asked to build a long+narrow side table for an office. The idea was to turn a regular desk into an L-shaped workstation. This was done as a favour, so quick, simple, and inexpensive were the goals. But I can’t do ugly, so I still made it as nice as I could.

More details on this project:

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– mobile Tablesaw Workstation:
– “disposable” router table:

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DIY Wood Countertop | Butcher Block Style | Anyone Can Do This One!

My kitchen was in need of a make-over!
My husband and I decided to DIY! (Do it Yourself)
I made my own Island Countertop from scratch!
I show exactly what I did, and what I used.

I hope you enjoy and that you can use this info to help save you money and get the satisfaction of Doing it Yourself!

Laminate Countertops:
BELANGER Fine Laminate Countertops 10-ft Ouro Romano with Etchings Straight Laminate Kitchen Countertop
Item #: 69332 | Model #: 927746B10

Raised Car Door-Panels in Leather – Auto Upholstery

There are different ways or techniques to customize car door-panels. I show in this video one method to do ‘raised door-panels’ and how with some patience, ‘worn and torn panels’ can be restored to new life.
I hope these ideas be helpful to my interested users.

Tapiceria de automovil en cuero // المفروشات والجلود السيارات // Auto leather upholstery // Sellerie cuir automobile //Autolederpolsterung // авто кожена тапицерия // auto kožené čalounění // auto lederen bekleding // rivestimenti in pelle auto // 自動革張り // piele auto tapiterie // estofos em pele auto // auto katad tapiserya // upholsteri kulit auto // 汽車真皮座椅 // Авто кожаная обивка // oto deri döşeme // auto läderklädsel
Cursos de tapiceria // Upholstery courses // Polster Kurse // دورات تنجيد // Тапицерски курсове // čalounění kurzy // 內飾課程 //cours ameublement // Ταπετσαρίες μαθήματα // קורסי ריפוד // bekleding cursussen //corsi di rivestimento //室内装飾品のコース //kursus upholsteri // Møbeltapetsering kurs //Kursy tapicerskie //cursos Estofados //cursuri de tapițerie // Обивка курсы //Klädsel kurser //Upholstery kurso //หลักสูตรเบาะ // Döşemelik kursları //
automotive upholstery tutorials //tutoriales de tapiceria automotriz //Autopolster Tutorials
دروس المفروشات السيارات // аўтамабільныя абіўка падручнікі // автомобилни тапицерии уроци // 汽車內飾教程 //automotive polstring tutorialstutoriels d’ameublement automobile //stoffering automotive tutorials //tutorial rivestimento auto //自動車の室内装飾のチュートリアル
tutorial upholsteri automotif //tutoriais estofados automotivos // автомобильные обивка учебники
como forrar volantes/timones en cuero //how to leather-wrap car steering-wheels
wie Lederverpackungs -Autolenkrädern // 如何真皮包裹方向盤車車輪
comment cuir enveloppement voiture les volants//hoe leer-wrap auto stuurwielen //come pelle avvolgenti auto volanti
どのように革ラップ車のステアリングホイールへ //jak skóra-wrap samochodowych koła kierownicy //como couro de finalização carro Direcção-rodas // как кожа обернуть рулевого управления автомобиля колес