Making a TV Console Part 1

I’ve been asked to make a TV console. Thought I would record the process and share it with the world. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching.
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How to Make a Woodworking Marking Gauge Kebiki Inspired

A simple marking gauge for woodworking made from some scrap piece of acacia wood from floor boards that I reused/upcycled.

This is inspired by the japanese woodworking marking gauge kebiki that I have no experience of. But I saw some fellows making this type, and I like the mechanism.

A wooden key piece is pushed into an angle, to cause friction and lock the beam in place. This is a very simple construction. I made mine in a rounded shape. It fits the two finger grip.

I can flip the key piece to suite left or right hand grip. The metal that is used to scrape/mark the wood is a small brass nail that is filed flat.

I made the initial hole a bit big (as you can see in the middle of the video). So I had to put in a piece of white oak (from a pallet actually). So, yes – even this project has some pallet wood in it. Cant help myself!

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homemade table saw diy fence upgrade

homemade table saw diy fence upgrade

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Epoxy River Table with Live Edge & LED Lights – Part 6

Creating a coffee table for my lounge, using live edge Walnut (Originally I started with sycamore until I had a problem ! ) boards, with an epoxy river fill in the middle and some LED Lights.

This video will be in several parts.

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Daughter’s Room Makeover – Phase 1: Declutter & Purge

Hey daisies! In this video I am decluttering my daughters room. She has to much stuff and it needs to be purged! Decluttering is the first step to starting any project. It’s best to redecorate when you have a clean slate of only the items you need. More phases to come after this video. Thanks for watching!!

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DIY IKEA HACK How to make a Mid-Century MEDIA CONSOLE with only 2 Power Tools!

This is an easy IKEA hack project that you only need 2 power tools to build. Based on the IKEA Kallax 4×1 unit and a hardwood veneer ply for the surrounding panels.

The video was all filmed by my 7 year old daughter.

I bought matt black powder coated hairpin legs from Etsy. Seller is SunnyCoastHairpinLeg based in Queensland, Australia.

My red record turntable:

Material List:
Cordless Drill (best value):
Cordless Drill (good quality):
Orbital Sander (best value):
Orbital Sander (good quality):
Mitre Box (best value):
Clear Polyurethane (satin):

DIY Modern Plywood Dining Table

I built this DIY Modern Dining Table (66″ x 32″) entirely out of baltic birch plywood. Plywood is an underrated building material, and baltic birch is a dream to work with. Where I live a 4’x8’ panel (it’s most often found in 5’x5’ panels) runs $60. I used three panels, but I could have used two if I pieced the second layer of the table top together. This table can be built for around $120 in materials, but it is extremely sturdy and solid. The trapezoidal table base only looks complicated to build, but with a little careful planing and cutting, its easy. I laminated 6 layers of 2 inch wide strips, so the table base is 4 1/2 inches wide. The exposed plies give this piece a unique look. Thanks for checking it out. Let me know what you like/don’t like in the comments and check out some of my other builds.

Instructable Build Article:


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** Things I used **

3 4’x8’ sheets of 3/4” Baltic Birch Plywood (I could’ve used 2, but I wanted a solid table top) –
1/2” Walnut Dowel –
Bessey Clamps –
Glue –
Glue Bot –
Incra Rule –
Incra Miter Gauge –
Angle Finder –
Plywood Carrier –
Grizzly Track Saw –
Bosch Sander –
Sanding Pads –
Grizzly Jointer –
Drill –
Drill Press –
Forstner Bits –
Spax Screws –
Flush Trim Saw –
Sanding Block –
Wipe-On Poly –
Favorite Pencils –
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My Lights –
My Mic –
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Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

We wanted a new magnetic knife holder for our kitchen and I thought it would be cool to make one out of walnut.

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