Resolving a Dent in Leather Furniture

Have a dent in your leather furniture? This video demonstrates how to resolve it.

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Do You Have Finished or Unfinished Leather Furniture?

Watch and learn how to determine the type of leather you have. Is it finished or unfinished leather? It’s important to know for leather care and maintenance. Kevin shows how to know what leather type you have.

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The Pursuit of Excellence.mp4

This promotional film on 16mm cine shows ercol furniture in the home, with a range of ercol upholstery, dining and living furniture. It marries the blend of tradition, craftsmanship and heritage, with evolution and innovation – themes that continue to this day – so whilst a TV cabinet to hide your TV in was an innovation then, today we have pieces for wide flat-screen TVs with infra-red magic eyes that enable you to control your DVD player and digiboxes behind closed wooden doors.

Ash, mentioned in the film as a new ercol timber and shown in natural finish, is now one of our major timbers, along with elm, oak and beech, and lighter finishes are increasingly dominant.

And the ercol collector can still add piece by piece to their range – the Windsor dining and cabinet range shown in the film is still one of our most popular ranges, half a century after it first launched.

Made to Measure Stretch Covers from Plumbs

This video shows Mrs Lavelle ordering made to measure stretch covers from Plumbs. It follows the process of her having a free quotation in her home where she chose her fabric and then it is into the factory to watch the covers being made! Finally, we rejoin Mrs Lavelle to see the transformation of her room as her new stretch covers are fitted. Loose stretch covers are Plumbs most affordable option offering perfect easy care covers.


This video explains how vacuums work, and why some vacuums perform better than others. We carry all brands discussed in this video, and we are not trying to persuade anyone against any particular brand. We are simply interested in getting you the best vacuum for your needs.