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MAKE:miniature wooden sofa /couch | doll house decoration | popsicle stick | Art with Creativity 273

MAKE:miniature wooden sofa /couch | doll house decoration | popsicle stick | Art with Creativity 273

a thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica or model.

sofa / couch
A couch (U.S. English, British English)[1], also known as a sofa, settee (British English), or chesterfield (Canadian English and British English) is a piece of furniture for seating three or more people in the form of a bench, with or without armrests, that is partially or entirely upholstered, and often fitted with springs and tailored cushions.[2][3] Although a couch is used primarily for seating, it may be used for sleeping.[4]

In homes, couches are normally found in the family room, living room, den, or the lounge. They are sometimes also found in non-residential settings such as hotels, lobbies of commercial offices, waiting rooms, and bars.

A couch consists of the frame, the padding and the covering. The frame is usually made of wood but can also be made of steel, plastic or laminated boards. The wood used under the upholstery is made from kiln-dried maple wood that is free of knots, bark or defects. The show wood of the legs, arms and back can be maple, mahogany, walnut or fruitwoods. Sofa padding is made from foam, down, feathers, fabric or a combination thereof. Sofa coverings are usually made out of soft leather, corduroy or linen fabric coverings. Some outdoor sofas are made from specialist reticulated foam. Due to its highly advanced open cellular structure, water freely passes through it making it highly resistant to soaking.[14] Many modern sofas are filled with fibre cushions or low density foam. This is largely due to a massive cost saving by the manufacturer in using a fibre material rather than a solid foam cushion

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#AskZBrush: “How can I set my model to be translucent when using floor grid reference images?”

#AskZBrush: “How can I set my model to be translucent when using floor grid reference images?”

Video covers the options that can be set for controlling the floor grid reference images. The floor grid reference images can be set to turn the current model translucent, or even project reference images directly on the model.

Ask your questions through Twitter with the hashtag #AskZBrush. Our team of experts at Pixologic will answer through a short video.
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Easy DIY Modern Plywood Sofa | 4 Tools

Today I’m showing you how I built this modern sofa using only 4 tools. I designed this build to be extremely easy for inexperienced DIYers. If you have any questions about the steps, feel free to ask!

Visit my website at www.bartholemewsmith.com for a bit more on the design of this sofa, as well as my other builds, links to my social media, and detailed plans for this build(coming soon).

The only tools used are:
Circular Saw:
Staple Gun:

I also used a straight-cut jig for the saw and a Kreg pocket hole jig ( for the joinery.

Instagram: @njpbs

how to model real hand in maya pt 4

how to model real hand in maya pt 4

basic modeling

Please watch: “how to set car reference|Tutorial: Setting up reference images in Autodesk 3Ds Max|3ds max reference”