Hoffmann MOBIL 2500 solid wood edgebanding – live demo at trade show

This unedited video shows how a pre-finished, solid wood edgeband is applied to a laminate panel with the MOBIL 2500 edgebanding press by Hoffmann Machine Company. The glue used is standard yellow PVA glue, no special catalysts or hotmelt adhesives are needed!
The wooden edgeband profiles are warmed in the pre-heater bar mounted above the machine. After a few minutes of warming up, the wood strip is placed “warm side up” on the main heating bar and glue is applied to the panel’s edge.
An adjustable miter stop is used to accurately position the panel’s square edge with the inside corner of the edgeband’ s miter. The reference bolt is adjusted to compensate for different edgeband thicknesses. This feature is a huge time saver and solves the alignment problems (e.g. sliding moulding) common when using bar clamps to apply mitered edges. With the bolt removed, the stop is used to align square-cut edges profiles as well.
The machine is operated with two pneumatic valves per station; one valve operates the horizontal cylinders pressing the panel against the back support plates. Once clamped in place, the second valve is actuated to pull the clamped panel straight down onto the edgeband.
The horizontal main heating bar warms the outside or face-side of the edge profile during the pressing process, relieving any stress induced by the pre-heating process.
Both heating elements have individual thermostats and the main heating bar is set to a lower temperature when prefinished moulding is applied (to avoid damage to the finish).
The round panel support discs can be adjusted to locate a finished edgeband profile flush with the panel surface (as shown in the video); when using an unfinished edgeband the supports are set to center panel on the edgeband and the protruding edges on both sides are later planed flush with a Hoffmann BH-556 Edge Lipping Planer.
The cycle time shown in the video is the actual time it takes to apply one edge of solid wood, prefinished edge moulding. The heated wood quickly draws the water out of the yellow glue, resulting in a strong, reliable glue bond in only minutes.
The MOBIL 2500 edgebanding press has a working length of 8 feet and features two clamping stations with two cylinders each while the MOBIL 3000 has a working length of 10 feet and features three clamping stations with two cylinders each.
More information, technical specs. and pricing can be found on our website www.Hoffmann-USA.com

How to create Bounce & Drop Effect using Expressions in After Effects

In this tutorial I’ll be showing how to use Inertia Bounce and Bounce Back Expression in After Effects.

Inertia Bounce and Bounce Back Expression:

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DIY: 3 “Love Ring” Styles

Hey Guys!
Happy Friday! Sorry I’ve been slacking for the past couple of Fridays, I have been so busy and barely had time to edit. It has been a long time but I am back with a new video! It is a do it yourself love ring tutorial. I came up with three styles of love rings that I am going to show you how to make today. All the supplies were bought at Michael’s Arts and Crafts but I am sure you can find them at any art & crafts supply stores. I bought my plier set for about ($10) ten bucks and the rose gold wire that I used is about ($5) five dollars. The first ring is the basic love ring. The second has a cursive “o” and the ends are twisted to close the ring. The third ring, the word love is at the end and the wire wraps around. I like wearing the third ring as a knuckle ring more than a regular ring. It is pretty easy to make, if you are a beginner at working with jewelry making tools and wire like I am it will take you a few tries but play around with it and you will do awesome! Love you all XO

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How to build a bar table

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RONA – How to Install Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be used on a wall to create a colourful background to a décor or simply to add small bursts of colour. These tiles are easy to install and harmonize well with other types of tiles. Here, mosaic tiles are used to create a backsplash in a kitchen.

Before the installation, make sure that the surface of the walls is smooth and flat.
If you’re tiling over a painted wall, lightly sand the surface first.

Tools and materials you’ll need:

• Bucket
• Caulking gun
• Flat head nails
• Gloves
• Grinder or wet-cutting tile saw
• Grout
• Grout float
• Grout sealer
• Hammer
• Level
• Masking tape
• Measuring tape
• Notched trowel – 3/16”
• Pencil
• Plastic tile spacers — 1/8” or 1/16”
• Protective sheet
• Pull bar
• Rubber mallet
• Safety glasses
• Sanding paper
• Screwdriver
• Sheets of mosaic tile
• Silicone sealer
• Sponge
• Tile adhesive
• Tile edge
• Tiling tools
• Tile nipping tool
• Utility knife

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How to Adjust Hydraulic Lifters V8 – Chevy / Ford / Mopar (Engine Masters)

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