Past masters meet their modern-day matches: trailblazers on trial

Past masters meet their modern-day matches: trailblazers on trial
Performance icons should be remembered for leaving their peers for dust, not measured against those younger and leaner. Still, it makes an interesting then-and-now comparison, as Andrew Frankel discovers.
Performance is an entirely relative thing: there are times when 40mph can be lethally fast – approaching a school at chucking out time, for instance – and others when 600mph seems desperately slow, such as eight hours into a 12-hour flight.
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Top 5 Best Bicycle Accessories 2017 You Should Buy | Latest Cycling Gadgets

Looking for the detailed review of Top 5 Bicycle accessories ?

We have tried to show the details top 5 Bicycle accessories watch on this video. You can decide which Cycle Accessories you should buy and which one is good for you, After watching this exclusive video review.

We research and come up with top 5 Bicycle accessories

Here is the list of 5 Bicycle accessories

1- Gaciron Universal Mobile Phone Holder Bicycle Accessories –

2 – protone cycling helmet road bike helmet –
3 – Adjustable length aluminum alloy bicycle racks –

4 – ZOLibike 120CM Chain Bike Lock Bicycle lock –

5 – Cycling Light Waterproof With Headband Bike –

Getting The Right Bicycle Accessories
By [ Caball

Riding a bike is a fun way to get in shape and have a good time. Some people obsess over finding the perfect bicycle and that’s important. But equally important is having the right accessories to go with your bike. They will keep you safe and comfortable while you ride, which is essential. The number one most important bike accessory to look for at you favorite bike shop is a helmet. Riding a bicycle without a helmet is reckless and dangerous.

When choosing a helmet, you need to first consider what type of biking you’ll be doing, whether mountain, road, or sport biking. Each type of sport has a different style of helmet to protect you from the kind of terrain you’ll be crossing on your bicycle. Once you start looking at the right style, you’ll need to get the right size. A helmet that is too big or too small won’t protect you correctly.

To determine your size, wrap a flexible tape measure around your head, one inch above your eyebrows. Most helmets will have charts to help you determine which size is best for you based on your measurement. Gloves can also be helpful accessories because they help protect your hands in case of a spill and they help pad your palm where you grip your handlebars. After a couple hours of riding, you’ll really appreciate your gloves. Riding shorts are also a great accessory because they provide padding in the areas that get a lot of friction when riding. These important bicycling accessories will greatly improve the comfort and protection of your ride.

The Bike Lane ( ) is a Chicago bicycle shop full-service retail bicycle shop located within the city of Chicago. The Bike Lane offers a variety of unique services with a friendly and open attitude towards our customers.

Article Source: [ Getting The Right Bicycle Accessories

DIY Dollhouse || Minature Pancakes with Chocolate || Polymer Clay Tutorial

DIY Dollhouse || Minature Pancakes with Chocolate || Polymer Clay Tutorial

In this video tutorial of the polymer clay I will show you how to make miniature delicious pancakes with chocolate. Enjoy watching 🙂 #CSH #CuteSweetHome

0:32 – Some water and acrylic paint
0:57 – Liquid clay mix with brown dry pastel
1:32 – Liquid clay and sugar
4:45 – Bake the product in the oven at (110°C – 130°C) for 10-15 minites
5:40 – Cover with varnish
5:42 – Sprinkle with pastel
5:49 – Colorless nail polish and some brown pastel

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miniature doll, decoration doll houses, miniature food, beautiful earrings, brooches, necklaces, rings and more othrers ^^

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2018 Volkswagen Arteon – Test Drive Review

2019 Volkswagen Arteon First Drive Review: Does It Have a Chance in the U.S.?

Volkswagen doesn’t like the narrative that the 2019 Arteon is “replacing” the CC (aka the Passat Comfort Coupe), and you can kinda see why: The Arteon is far more visually striking and a better performer, and it takes the automaker in new directions of assistance and safety technology.
Volkswagen is calling the Arteon a “five-seat GT car.” We’d call it a good-looking midsize hatchback. Discussing the car for America is rather straightforward. Although the world gets three gas and three diesel engine options, America will see only a 2.0-liter turbo generating 276 hp and 258 lb-ft.

VWs have always been known for having generally favorable European driving dynamics and functional but plain interiors. The Arteon separates with those on the interior front, where, along with its lauded exterior design that is largely unchanged from the concept two years ago, VW is moving decidedly more upscale. The Reflex Silver Elegance model we drove required a front-seat passenger to reach far forward and down to find completely hard plastic surfacing.
The car will launch in Elegance and R-Line trims, and a base model will follow shortly. The Elegance, as you’d imagine, comes with upscale aesthetic enhancements: LED taillights with indicators that build from inboard to outboard as they signal, a continuous chrome strip on the lower body, and heated windshield wiper nozzles. Inside comes contrast stitching on seats and mats, aluminum-look pedal covers, Alcantara and leather seat covers, and heated front seats.

The R-Line has a more aggressive front end with intakes in gloss black and different bumpers. Inside, the roof liner goes black, door plates get the R-Line logo, which is also stamped on the seats, and it gets a flat-bottomed R-Line steering wheel. In Europe, the R-Line can be had with 20-inch wheels and a 20mm-lower ride height. No 20s for U.S. drivers, though. Just add them to the we-can’t-have-nice-things list.

The Elegance model we drove had a seven-speed DSG and 4Motion all-wheel drive. Models that eventually make their way to the States will have eight-speed automatics, though. That’s unfortunate because the DSG was smooth and quick, doing a good job on city streets, country roads, and the no-speed-limit portions of the Germany’s roads. Shifts were barely perceptible with no hunting.

And the tastefully small paddle shifters made for acceptably quick shifts in the Harz mountains, where doing our own shifting to set up corners and charge up hills was just more fun.

The ride and handling of the Arteon is adjustable to Comfort, Normal, and Sport modes, and the differences among them are quite noticeable. I preferred the middle setting most of the time, though over some of Germany’s rare broken pavement, Comfort mode did smooth things out. Things get stiffer in Sport mode, but overall this is a car meant for long-trip comfort. It isn’t really a performance sedan, so the mode can’t perform magic. The weight of the steering is good, but actual feel leaves a bit to be desired.
Would a V-6 mean more power off the line? The more 2.0-liter turbos we drive, the less we ask ourselves that question. VW says this Euro-spec model, which has a curb weight of 3,700 pounds, goes from 0 to 62 mph in 5.6 seconds.

Some automakers have sacrificed rear-sear room, especially headroom, while designing for the en vogue “four-door coupe” movement. The fastback look usually means taller back-seat residents have their head hit the headliner. Not so in the Arteon, where my 5-foot-11 frame had considerable space above me as well as glorious space in front of me. I was able to comfortably cross my legs without hitting the back of the driver’s seat.
The packaging is quite good in the Arteon, which is similar in size to the Passat in wheelbase (111.9 inches vs. 110.4) and width (73.7 inches vs. 72.2). Surprisingly, the Passat edges the Arteon in overall length, 191.9 inches to 191.4.
The only place that seems to have been sacrificed, or at least held to normal VW standards, is a center console that doesn’t offer much storage. And we’d always appreciate more USB ports. The Arteon has two, one in the center storage box and one in front of the shifter.

From the driver’s seat is where VW’s new, techier feel becomes apparent. The Volkswagen digital cockpit will seem familiar to anyone who has seen Audi’s virtual cockpit. The multiconfigurable space puts considerable info in front of the driver.
One of its nifty touches: a speed-limit indicator that updates with remarkable accuracy. Even cruising at 110 mph or so on the autobahn, it would update within a second or two of seeing a sign imposing a lower limit. The virtual speedometer also uses a small arrow to display either the speed limit or where the disengaged cruise control is set.

DIY Fire Pit – Backyard Fun

DIY Fire Pit – Backyard Fun
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Bench vise and dog holes:

Kickin It by Jingle Punks

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Pantry Organization | Corner Pantry | Dollar tree bins

My pantry was long overdue for some organization. It had too many things out in the open and it look cluttered and chaotic. I am very please with the outcome and I hope this motivates you to organize your pantry. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more vides on cleaning, organizing, home improvement and vlogs!

Dollar Tree DIY

Dollar Tree DIY.
Dollar Tree DIY

Hey Guys here’s a video of me sharing this simple $1 DIY
& Some other Bonus ideas! I love to create! I have a great passion for interior design ❤️️

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Big Wavy Hair | Cara Wig Review. Malibu Dollface Aliexpress Wig Review

Aliexpress Cara 250% Density Silk Straight Lace Wig:
Silk Straight 250% Density Lace Wig:

Store link :

Hair Color: Natural Colo can be dyed and bleached
Hair Length: 20in
Wig Density: 250%
Hairline: Pre-plucked
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Combs And Adjustable Strap: Adjustable strap and 4 combs


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Shop Stool (old video edited)

Building a unique space saving shop stool. I came up with this idea right after I finished building my workbench and wanted to have a comfortable seat when building projects. This seat is not only comfortable, it works on both sides of the bench, looks cool and does not take up any floor space. Follow along as I build this unique shop stool.

Renaissance Estate Sales Presents 4 Arrowwood Ct

Sale Includes: (3) Piece dining room set (table, (8) Chairs, leaves, pads, china cabinet and buffet), China set by PTS International Interiors “Gramercy” Pattern, High quality butcher block with (2) chairs/stools, Cookbooks, (4) kitchen stools, Kitchen table (with one leaf and (6) chairs), Pfaltzgraff “Napoli” service for (8), Living room set with sofa set (sofa and 2-charis), (2) Coffee table sets (coffee table and two end tables), Art, Cookbooks, Living room set with large sofa and (2) sofa chairs, Large buffet/sideboard, Lounger chairs, Electronics, (3) bar stools, Two French style armchairs, Thomas Kinkade artwork (with certifications), Mix Media (leather, upholstery and wood) sofa and chaise, Leather club chairs, Bonus dining room set with china cabinet and (6) chairs, Large speakers, Oval partner desk by Maitland Smith, King size bedroom by Bernhardt (Bed, oversize nightstands, armoire and dresser with mirror), Full bedroom set by Stanley (bed, single nightstand, dresser with mirror and bookshelf desk), Bonus bed ( dismantled), Queen bedroom set (bed, tall boy dresser, (2) nightstands and computer desk with shelving), Housewares and bonus items, No Tools, PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THE SUNKEN LIVING ROOM…WATCH YOUR STEP!