Adjustable Height Desk – first look

This is a prototype adjustable height desk. I’ve added a leg-locking system and reoriented a couple of the support surfaces since taking this video. Suggestions are welcome!

(The music is from YouTube, and it’s there because it’s hilarious.)

Collaboration STABILO and the Missing Chapter Foundation 2015

Why not give kids a voice when it comes to important decisions that are taken by companies…? STABILO‚Äôs Kids Counsel of 2015 was year seven of primary school De Klaroen in Maarssen, the Netherlands. They handled the dilemma that was set by STABILO: How can STABILO help you learn?

Waarom zouden we kinderen niet laten meebeslissen over belangrijke vraagstukken in het bedrijfsleven? STABILO’s Raad van Kinderen van 2015 is groep 7 van de Klaroen in Maarssen, Nederland. Zij hebben het volgende dilemma behandeld: Hoe kan STABILO helpen je te leren?

Adjustable Track Bar – Jeep Cherokee XJ – The Roadhouse

An Adjustable Track Bar will help keep your axle centered after lifting your Jeep, as well as give you another beefy component in your front end that you can rely on.
The Mail finally came, and we’re exited to install this Adjustable Track Bar from JKS Manufacturing.

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Wipe on Poly – What is it? How to make it and apply with success! Polyurethane

A while back I talked about wipe on poly in a Craftsman’s Corner video, well. I’ve had some questions and decided to do a dedicated video on the topic. I talk about what it is and it’s benefits. Where to buy it and how to make it. I demonstrate how I apply it on two oak table tops. If you would also like to see the older video of a wipe on poly being applied to a cherry table top, click on this link.
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HOW TO | FIX PAINT DRIPS | The Freedom Theory

Hello my friends today I have a how to video on how to fix paint drips in latex paint on cabinets. I painted my cabinets on a day that was way to hot for painting and was left with lots of ugly paint drips. Some one in the comments suggested using a latex paint additive to remove brush strokes. So that is what we are trying today!

I will first be sanding down the cabinets and then cleaning them with TSP. Next mixing in the latex additive by Flood and finally painting my cabinets!

I am not a professional nor were my results perfect but I am happy to have a much better result than I started with.

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and share this video!

Paint Additives: Flood Painting Supplies Floetrol 1-qt. Clear Latex

Glidden Semi-Gloss (Primer Paint Dou)
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Kitchen Remodel: Part 2 – Animated Demolition

The first real phase of the kitchen remodel is removing the old kitchen. This should have taken a day but took 5 days as I shot the whole process in stop motion with 5,237 still images. The first 3 days were removing the contents of the kitchen. The last 2 days were removing the appliances and demolishing the cabinets.

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1 – introduction