Painting Cabinets – One Step Chalk Based Paint

Learn from Amy as she teaches you how to use the Amy Howard at Home One Step chalk based paint on a wood surface.

No sanding, no stripping, and no priming? Now there’s Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint, a revolutionary new paint product that allows you to transform furniture, cabinetry, and everything in between with just one swipe of rich, chalky, soft color. Yes, it’s that easy! You can even use this on Formica, plastic, metal, glass, and lacquered wood.

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint is a water-based paint that adheres to most any surface. You can paint directly on old wood finishes, concrete, iron, stone, Formica, etc. It dries to the flat, chalky finish we all covet on antique pieces you may find at the Paris Flea Market or your favorite boutique antique shops.

Lacquer Finish Problems With Moisture/Whiting and Blushing When Spraying

Lacquer is not as forgiving to your working environment as other Wood Finishes are. If you are not in a climate controlled space, Moisture and humidity can cause Hazing, blushing and Whiting Out in the finish that you are spraying.
To a degree, hazing, blushing and whiting out can be controlled through the use of “retarder thinners”. Retarder evaporates more slowly than the normal lacquer thinners.
If the humidity is to high or it is raining don’t spray.

Search Google for “Retarder For Lacquer”

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Rockler HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

founder, Tim Carter, demonstrates the Rockler HVLP paint sprayer showing how it works and how easy it is to clean up after use. This is another rockin’ tool from Rockler. I coined that phrase and I sure hope they don’t steal it! 🙂

You must just keep thinning the paint until you get it right. With each test, you MUST get rid of the not-thinned-enough-paint out of the uptake tube and inside the gun.
You may have to clean it out several times until you discover the correct viscosity.

The following link is how to use a paint sprayer:

Tim reviewed another paint sprayer here:

Kanger Tanks – The Vape Channel

Please watch: “Airlines & Vaping – The Vape Channel”

Welcome to The Vape Channel! This is a channel that will educate you about the world of e-cigarrettes. We will talk about the news, our opinions, new products and most importantly keep it sweet, informative, short and hilarious! We would love to hear your thoughts and comments below. For more information on our store check out
Vape Escapes:

Hi, My name is Tess, welcome to the Vape Channel, I’m filling in for Joel today. Who the f**k are you? Sup, guys, welcome to the vape channel, this week I got a special guest, this is Tess Last name. Say Hi Tess. Hi!! What are we going to be talking about today? We are going to being talking about Kanger tanks. Kanger Tanks!! When it comes to Kanger tanks we’ve had alot of people send in questions and they want to know how to better utilize their tank or how to make it work a little bit more efficiently. Today we got some advice for you on that. If we were going to classify these tanks into different categories, what would be the basic ways to do it Tess? I think we would categorize them into single and dual coils. So, what’s the difference between single and dual coils? I bet your wondering. This is where Steve adds wonderment music. A single coil has only 1 spring in it. That was deep. A single coil has 1 heating element in it. So, when you’re using a single coil tank you can’t turn it over for 4 volts. What happens if you turn it over 4 volts? When your vaping your going to taste a really burnt taste. It taste like some booty. If I wanted to turn it all the way up what would my solution be? I would suggest using a dual coil. So, what’s a dual coil? A dual coil has two eating heliments…heating elements? It has two heating elements, so instead of 1 little spring there, there is two. With two heating elements that mean you can turn it up to 6 volts or 15 watts. In lamens terms, why would I want a dual coil tank as opposed to a single coil tank? Well, like you were saying earlier, with a dual coil tank you can turn them all the way up to 6 volts or 15 watts, and get more vapor productions and it burns more nicotine so you get that instant gratification. Would you recommend a dual coil tank for someone who is brand new? Or would you say start with a single coil and move up to dual or does it depend? Well , our starter kits generally have the single coils and I would suggest the single coil at first and once you get more into vaping I would suggest a dual coil. So if I was going to do a single coil with 1 spring Tess, what kind of tank would I want? This is a mini pro tank II , it’s just smaller than the regular protank . We also have the aero tank V2 which is dual coil. The Mini Pro Tank 3 , very important if you’re like using a dual coil, bigger tanks never hurt. What else we got? We have the pro tank 3, which is alot like the other protanks like the side. I think that’s a good with when your using a pro tank 3 and your just a little nervous about getting a dual coils, the protank 3 is a great starter to see if you like it. We also have the mega tank mega, the aero tank giant. What about adjustable air flow Tess, all my friends have adjustable air flow and your s don’t. In all seriousness, the reason I like Kanger tanks opposed to other tanks , A : it’s made with glass opposed to plastic. Glass tanks are usually made if you’re vaping a cinnamon flavored or anything that has natural citrus in it. Aside from that I like them because they have airier draw. Ok, Tess so, is there any difference , I know they look different but what’s the difference between these tanks right here? This tank holds 3ml of juice, this one holds 3.8 an this one holds 4.8 and these two tanks right here come with a a metal sleeve that you can interchange with glass or kangers sub om coils that are coming out. I’m sorry about that, I’m really sorry about that. Ok ,last week or a couple weeks ago, I was so excited to get the sub ohm coils from Kanger, we got them and we tried them and I have some news for you, they are not what I hoped they were going to be. I seen a mixed reviews on the Internet about them but from experience, sub ohm coils, they just don’t wick quick enough, they burn out really fast. If you want to stick with a Kanger tank, your best bet is probably stick with the dual coils. What do you think? Do you do the dual coils on yours? What do your do? I do dual coils in my tank. What kind of tank are you using? I have the areotank. Ok, so lets talk a little bit about maintenance on them.

Mossberg 500 Bullpup Kit

Bullpup Unlimited, Inc. sent us this Mossberg BPU 500 Bullpup Kit In The Wild for testing similar to their already released Remington 870 Bullpup Kit. We figured we’d get a Quick First Look Video out there of the Kit Shooting before we left for the 2014 Bullpup Convention in Kentucky.

September 27th and 28th at the Rockcastle Shooting Center : Edmonson County, KY 42160
(270) 749-4101 ( ).
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