My Display Cabinet

These are my music treasures ๐Ÿ™‚
of my most beautiful, special and rare items, like box-sets, vinyl, cd’s and other rare stuff…

if you have questions or want some info, please let me know…

Rock Cabinet Tour, Part 1

Hey guys! I realized that I haven’t done a video on rocks/crystals in a long time, so I thought I’d show you my display cabinet. There are a lot of rocks in it and I talk a lot, so I’ve broken it down into three videos to keep things a bit shorter (and it’s still fairly long, go figure).
If you have questions about anything I show you or say, feel free to ask!


DIY MINI Charm Display Case (Dust-proof)

Watch in HD!

-Cardboard / thick drawing block (11inch x 15inch)
-thin plastic sheet
-fabric / felt / foam paper / etc
-needles (preferably flathead ones)
-double sided tape / clear tape / glue
-decorative items i.e stickers, deco tapes, ribbons, etc.

-Pencil and pen

This tutorial is an alternate design of my first charm display case which is much bigger.
You could check it out here :

If you do attempt on this, i’d really love to see your version! You could leave me a video response or a link to your picture down below.

Otherwise, you could just show me on the following social platforms:

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Kik : msmabelstory

Hope to hear from you guys on what you think of this idea. ๐Ÿ˜€

Love, Mabel.

Ultimate Tech Bedroom/ Desk Tour | Gaming Setup | Desk Setup 2013 | Entrainment System | GeeksRoom

Ultimate Tech Bedroom/ Desk Tour | Gaming Setup | Desk Setup 2013 | Entrainment System | Geeks Room

I am not trying to brag in this video, I am just showing you a geeks bedroom and setup. I paid for everything in my room besides the mattress, so I’m not spoiled or a brat, I work very hard for my money. If you have any questions about anything in the video I will try to tell you where I bought it and how much if you are interested. ๐Ÿ˜€ Post your room or desk setup as a video response!

Completely NEW 2015 Desk Tour:
Summer 2014 Room/Desk Tour:
Summer 2011 Room/Desk Tour:


Electric Shaver Philips Norelco:
Bose Speakers:
Xbox Carbon Skin:
Level Mount LED Colors:
TV Wall-Mount:
Samsung S2:
iPod Touch 4g:
Vorando Tower Fan:
Audyssey Speakers:
Wireless charging: Coming Soon
Lacie Backup Harddrive: Coming Soon
Over Ear Headphones: Coming Soon
Macbook Pro:
Canon T4i:

Other Channel:

iPad Desk Stand:
iPad Unboxing:
Pistol Grip:

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Camera equipment:
Manfrotto 502 fluid head –
Manfrotto Tripod –
Konova K2 Slider –
Panasonic GH4 –
18-55 Lens –
Sony FDR-A100 –

Desk Setup
Ikea desk –
Drawers/Cabinet –
Drawers/Cabinet w. wheels –
Computer Stand/Cabinet –
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Transparent Displays Showcase – Web Selection

This is a web selection (though there’s some projects of ours, too) of the transparent displays cases that we saw at ISE, Amsterdam. The video features some box displays, open frame displays, interactive transparent tvs, holograms and interactive transparent vending machines.


Questa รจ una selezione web (incluso qualche nostro progetto) delle tv trasparenti che abbiamo visto all’ISE, Amsterdam. Il video illustra dei display trasparenti in box, dei display open frame, monitor trasparenti interattivi, ologrammi e vendor machine trasparenti e interattive.

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DIY Charm Display Box (Dust-proof)


Heya! Hope you guys could learn something out of this tutorial which i think is quite poorly put together, sorry for that! I know i’ve missed out on a lot of details so i’ll clarify some of it here.

1. Unlisted materials in the video:
double sided tape, plastic transparent sheet, deco tape, and something thin but blunt suitable for scoring (to make creases on your cardboard).

2. Measurements of the box: 28cm x 28cm (according to my styrofoam size)
Everything else are measured by eye so feel free to let your imagination be your ruler. Other options are to look for basic diy box templates or just buy an empty box that isn’t too thick and has a cover that opens the same way as the one in the tutorial.

3. Anything else i’ve missed here please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments – i’ll try my best to answer them.

If any of you are attempting on this, i would really love to see your version of it! ๐Ÿ˜€
You could leave a video response to this video (your video must not be private/unlisted or else i can’t see it) or tag me via instagram @mabelstory or just simply drop me a private message through my facebook page (