Vintage Chinese Rosewood Dreamstone Canopy Bed s1063m

This elegant and antiquated canopy bed is made of high quality rosewood. It has been about a hundred years, the wood condition is kept in a good standard. This bed is beautifully carved with bamboo pattern all around the front of the bed. The front frame is inset with old dreamstone / marble. The base is made up of two pieces of storage drawers. The front and the bases are made of rosewood and the back frames and four columes are made of elm wood. It doesn’t have to be a bed, it can be a resting area for reading or meditation.

Big Frank: How to bond glass simply and safely

Big Frank: How to bond glass simply and safely

This video provides directions for how to bond glass simply and safely with Bohle UV-Bonding Technology.

The directions are provided by master glazier Frank Ruzicka, more popularly known as “Big Frank”. He conducts customer workshop and training
sessions for Bohle America, Charlotte, N.C. and Bohle Group worldwide. Write him at

More information about our UV-Bonding-products:

Oakley Display Case Tour

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9-2-10 Day 24

Pali Convertible Crib Review

This is our Pali convertible crib review where we review the Pali furniture we purchased for our toddler. In the video, you can see our crib set up as a Pali toddler crib but we also show the infant rail.