DIY Bed Canopy//Room Decor

-Hoop La (whatever size, preferably smaller for single bed)
-Sheer Curtains (cheat n save money, i bought this netted fabric n
got it stitched into 6 curtains by a tailor. It costed me the price
equivalent to a single sheer curtain)
-Clear tape
-Fevi stick
-plastic string or any strong string to hang the canopy
-String lights
-Feather Boa
To buy the feather boa online visit







My Journey Girl Doll Merideth’s Bedroom Tour

Hey guys,
Its me Sarah and today im going to be giving you a tour of my journey girl doll, Merideth’s bedroom. This is a really crazy and fun room and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Also by the way I have 19 subscribers and I can not wait to get to 20.

How to Build a 2×4 Outdoor Sectional Tutorial


How to build an outdoor sofa couch or sectional out of 2×4 boards! With just a drill, saw and some exterior decking screws, it’s easy and fast to make this sturdy diy outdoor seating project.



Lustrolite Coloured High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels

Episode 32 ~ Lustrolite High Gloss Panels

Find out more at

What is Lustrolite?
Lustrolite is an award winning high gloss acrylic wall panel which is mainly used for bath and shower walls and kitchen backsplashes.

Lustrolite is a replacement to tiles and looks like back painted glass. With a special hard coated top layer for extra scratch and chemical resistance, cleaning and maintaining your panels is nearly effortless.

Lustrolite is currently available in a range of 7 stunning colours. Custom colours and sizes are available with a minimum order quantity of 200 sheets.

What types of applications is Lustrolite Used for?
Lustrolite is designed for use on any indoor vertical surface in a residential or commercial environment. It is ideal for bath surrounds and shower wall applications, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and cabinet doors.

Please note – Lustrolite cannot be used behind gas cooktops and must be a minimum of 2″ away from ceramic, electric or induction cooktops.

How does Lustrolite compare to glass?
Lustrolite has 20x the impact strength than glass, yet is only half the weight.

This makes Lustrolite economical to ship, store and handle during installation. Lustrolite can also be cut, drilled and fabricated on-site with standard wood working tools.

Better still, Lustrolite is more cost effective than glass, and when compared to tiles, there is no need for grouting and takes about a third of the time to install.

Does Lustrolite have a warranty?
The Lustrolite warranty covers faulty materials for a period of 10 years from the date of sale by Abacus Manufacturing Group subject to the terms and conditions and exclusions contained within the entire warranty document.

How thick is the Lustrolite panel?
Lustrolite is 5/32 inches (4 mm) thick.

How hygenic is Lustrolite?
Lustrolite is extremely hygienic and it’s non-stick surface will not harbor the build up of mold, bacteria, soap or calcium. Due to the large size of the panels grout usage is eliminated.

How scratch resistant is Lustrolite?
Lustrolite is technically rated to a surface hardness of 6H (pencil hardness).

A durable hard coating on the outer surface provides high scratch and chemical resistance and affords effortless cleaning.

Lustrolite will not scratch, crack, warp, stain or discolor from normal residential use.

How is Lustrolite Cleaned?
Lustrolite is easy to clean using warm soapy water and a micro fiber cloth, chamois, or squeegee.

Lustrolite has a protective coating making it more resistant to low level scratches.

Can you backlight Lustrolite?
Lustrolite is opaque thus no light is transmitted through the rear color layer. However it can be effectively side or top lit.

What Panel sizes is Lustrolite available in?
Lustrolite is available in four convenient panel sizes that are 4mm thick:

2440x1000x4mm and

How do I edge the Lustrolite panels?
Option 1: Edges can be sanded and polished, and joints sealed with neutral cure silicone (after leaving a 3 – 4mm gap between all joints).

Option 2: Edges can be fitted with available aluminium or PVC coloured edge profiles.

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3 white guys on a daybed part 1

this is the segment on our channel where we sit on a daybed and try out our hand at freestyling.

if you have any questions regarding signing either of us 3 to your record label, please send an email to

i hope you like the video because if not we might cry, your opinions matter very much to us


Easy DIY Hanging Bed Swing

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Today’s video is a tutorial on how to make a bed swing, which is kinda like a porch swing but a little larger so a person can stretch out on it instead of just sit. I have the templates on my website!