The Hillside Tiny House Is An Outdoor Lovers Dream Home

The Hillside Tiny House Is An Outdoor Lovers Dream Home

This tiny house is an outdoor lovers dream home!
This 28 foot custom tiny house is approximately 336 sf and showcases double accordion style custom windows, awning style windows and rich stained wood ceilings throughout. Having the accordion style windows allows you to bring the beauty of the outside indoors by opening up the house on both sides. You will always have fresh air and natural lighting in this home!

The upper portion of this home has a twin size storage loft and a king-sized sleeping loft with a skylight. Both lofts are accessed by wall mounted pipe ladders.

The pièce de rèsistance is the gourmet kitchen with custom cabinetry with easy close drawers, double refrigerators, large propane stove with oven and accessory griddle, oversized sink with specialty faucet and desk area in the countertop. The built-in seating in the kitchen houses the freshwater holding tank and water pump. By simply moving the bench of the built-in seating in front of the other, allows for a sofa/daybed area.

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How to drill the pieces to make Da Vinci’s wooden circle. P1

How to drill the notches to make a self supported wooden circle. I use a hole saw and a drill press jig to make all the pieces I need to make this wooden circle. It is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s self supported bridge. Leonardo Da Vinc’s bridge is one of his famous inventions, but that self supporting structure was probably invented in china lots of years before. Anyway, this is a nice woodworking project that will surprise your family and friends.

How to make Leonardo Da Vinci’s self supported bridge:

Hannah Ryggen Wove Politics Into Her Gorgeous Tapestries

Hannah Ryggen Wove Politics Into Her Gorgeous Tapestries.
OXFORD, England — On July 22, 2011, Hannah Ryggen’s tapestry “We Are Living on a Star” was hanging in the Cabinet Building in Oslo’s Regjeringskvartalet, or government quarter, when a car bomb exploded in the street outside. Eight people died in the blast, which damaged the offices of the prime minister, as well as the finance and oil ministries. Ms. Ryggen’s tapestry was torn and showered with splinters of glass and other flying debris.

“We Are Living on a Star” unites two enduring themes of Ms. Ryggen’s work: her broadly socialist, anti-fascist response to world events, and a profound love for her family and the living earth that sustained it. Commissioned in 1958 for the Cabinet Building by its architect, Erling Viksjo, Ms. Ryggen’s 13-foot-high, hand-woven work shows monumental male and female figures embracing before a blue ovoid form that represents the world, suspended amid planets in a night sky.

Since repaired, this scarred work, with its explicit message of global solidarity, has become an emblem of collective memory, lending its name to a 2014 exhibition at the Henie Onstad Arts Center, south of Oslo, in which artists responded to the events of that day in 2011.

According to Emma Ridgway, senior curator at Modern Art Oxford, “We Are Living on a Star” is now considered too culturally important to risk its traveling for exhibition abroad, but 15 sizable works by Ms. Ryggen, who died in 1970, are on display through Feb. 18 at the Oxford museum, in the first major examination of the artist’s work in Britain.

CNC V Bits Explained

This week I try to explain the differences in CNC V-Bits. They come in several different sizes and angles. The most common V-Bits are the 60* and 90* , but I would suggest in getting a 30* V-Bit if you are going to do small lettering.

If you want to do lettering or sign making, you’ll need to get a V-Bit
I show V-Bits fro 18* angle, all the way up to 120* angle..I hope this helps somebody,

Thanks for watching!!!

Note all the V-Bits used in this video, are made from Amana Tools.






DIY Dollar Tree 5 Tier Candelabra

Welcome to Danie’s Designs Craftmas, Day 1! Today, I am going to show you how to create this 5-Tiered Candelabra using all Dollar Tree products! Stay tuned!
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Supplies needed:
Dollar Tree:
6 Gentle Grip Green Foam Blocks – SKU: 905318

5 Luminessence Battery-Operated White Wax LED Pillar Candles, 4 in – SKU: 245959

5 Christmas House 7-Stem Red Poinsettia Bushes with Glittered Accents, 13 in. – SKU: 206934

5 Christmas House 5-Stem White Glittery Poinsettia Bushes, 14.5 in. – SKU: 259461

Christmas House Artificial Floral Picks, 12 in. – SKU: 243751

2 Crafter’s Square Decorative Plastic Gem Ribbon, 6-ft. Rolls – SKU: 219994

1 Glue Gun

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Decorate With Me: My China Cabinet For Christmas

I have never changed out the dishes in this old pie cupboard that has my milk glass collection in it. I decided I wanted to change it up for Christmas this year. I love how it turned out!!

Jingle Bells by Kevin MacLeod
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40 Bathroom Towel Hanging Ideas

40 bathroom towel hanging ideas. These products and DIY projects can help you take advantage of even the smallest spaces to both store and hang your towels.

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Water Lily
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Intel Internal Benchmarks Epyc CPUs Against Xeon | Enter The RISC-V CPU Architecture

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Intel are releasing for benchmarks pitting Xeon against EPYC, and the two top of the line CPUs are trading blows. We also have a brand new architecture in the form of RISC-V. Here’s our analysis and thoughts.

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