Fire Factor 2011 – MU Residential Life

A short documentary showcasing the 11th annual Fire Factor event, featuring the room burn and other activities.

Project Producers: Aaron Mack, Daniel Posey
Graphic Designer: Aaron Mack
Sound Editor: Daniel Posey
Music Editor: Aaron Mack
Edited By: Aaron Mack, Daniel Posey
Directed By: Daniel Posey
Directors of Photography: Daniel Posey, Laura Mazuch, LeeAnn Elias
Executive Producers: Laura Mazuch, Jill Fox

Caught In Motion | Save Your Breath | Live Acoustic | Union Square

Caught In Motion – Save Your Breath

Week 2 of 10 weeks, 10 songs, 10 acoustic live takeaway shows, 10 acoustic covers – all free

Director of Photography:Justin Gallagher
Sound by: Kyle Lesley

Banah WInn: Guitar Vocals
Graham Roggli: Percussion
Aaron Joseph: Accordion, vocals
Dan Fabriacant: Sousaphone

Special thanks to all our friends, and the bus of French tourists that joined us for the song.

-We ran into Union Square san Francisco, the iriony of the place is that you’re not allowed to play music there unless hired. So we just went for it and finished the song just before getting kicked out. Can you hear the security guard yelling?

Downsound, there was a blues band sound-checking on a stage behind us. Can you hear them playing blues licks?

40th Birthday – Villa Rose, Ballybofey

Type Of Event: 40th Birthday
Venue: Villa Rose Hotel Ballybofey ( Co. Donegal )

Disco By Donegal Entertainment

For Bookings Or More Info Contact Aaron & Louisa On

Phone / TxT: 0863725281

Tiple Experiment #6 – Go Places

I’m so excited to play a New Pornographers song on tiple that I didn’t wait until I’d memorized it. So I’m blatantly looking over at an off-camera page with the lyrics and chords.

The American-style tiple is basically a steel-string 10-string ukulele. I had more to say about it on the previous 5 videos. I’m jaded now.

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Grove (live) /// Berlin Sessions #30

Fritz Kalkbrenner – “Grove”

In his spare time he doesn’t listen to any electronic music at all. Fritz Kalkbrenner, one of Germany’s most pleasant and exciting techno DJs, instead draws his inspiration from soul and funk stars like Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield. According to Fritz, you need to think outside of your own box to create something unique. Unsurprisingly, Fritz’s way into techno Olympus did not begin with the release of a booming techno track produced in his bedroom or a congenial DJ set at some Berlin underground club.

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Chapter 10 – Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery – Patty’s Place

Chapter 10: Patty’s Place. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Karen Savage.

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Surya Area Rugs: Introduction

For over 30 years, Surya has produced thousands of area rugs that are utmost in quality, value and design. Visit Area Rugs Club to see the entire collection of these beautiful rugs:

General Hospital Spoilers 8-1-11 to 8-5-11

Liz and Siobhancontinue fighting. Liz knocks Siobhan down a flight of stairs, landing her in the hospital again; Sonny returns to town and trashes the bedroom he shared with Brenda, then makes a series of fatal business decisions; Tracy is dismayed to see Anthony giving Skye flowers; Skye runs into Carly and tells her that Jax is still in town; Michael and Abby share a romantic date on the island; Sam and Json continue planning their wedding, they set the date for September 23rd, 2011; Patrick ‘kisnaps’ Robin and sends her to a spa, releveing some tension at GH; Olivia and Sonny stumbles on a car accident, down by Carly’s house, at first not realizing their loveds ones are inside; the crash will involved four people, sending one in a coma. A sinister villain is set to come back, a recast is confirmed, and two newbies are set to arrive late this fall. These are your spoilers for the week of August 1, 2011.