V-Ray for SketchUp – Interior Illumination – tutorial

To expand on this video, Fernando will explain how to use GI (Global Illumination ), the V-Ray Sun system and Physical camera to setup the interior illumination in the Vermont Verde scene in this video tutorial.
This tutorial was recorded using V-Ray for SketchUp but also applies to V-Ray for Rhino.

How to create a Moroccan style stencil-Retro Room Makeover Part 5

Part 5 in a series of a low budget makeover using Benjamin Moore paints. The Paint Diva of NJ shows you how to create a large Moroccan look stencil. These videos were shot with my Droid phone and used to learn how to edit. They are not great quality. They have since gotten much better! Watch episodes of my TV show “A Taste For Design” here on YouTube or visit the website at ATasteForDesign.com. If you have paint color questions visit me on facebook as The Paint Diva of NJ.

302 Hank Aaron home after remodel video by Carter Rent To Own

302 Hank Aaron cove, LaVergne, TN. 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath with fenced back yard. New hardwood floors, new tile, and new carpet. Call Henry Carter at (615)202-5228.

Carter Rent to Own. Call Henry Carter at (615)202-5228. Molley The Rent To Own dog is not in this video.

Carter rent to Own has Rent to Own Houses in Antioch, TN, , Rent to Own homes in Murfreesboro, Tn, rent to own homes in Lavergne, TN, Rent To Own homes in Madison, and Rent To Own homes in Nashville. Home rentals in Nashville and Middle Tennesee. Call Henry Carter at 615-202-5228 www.CarterRentToOwn.com Lease purchase homes in Antioch, TN and lease purchase homes in LaVergne, TN. www.CarterRenToOwn.com www.LaVergneRentToOwn.com or www.MolleyTheRentToOwnDog.com Carter Rent To Own is the best.

Gungor Band Audition

My audition for the Michael Gungor Band – “Beautiful Things” by Gungor / @michaelgungor

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, tenor banjo, bass, vocals
Additional vocals by Erika Chambers / @erikachambers

Produced by Kyle Aaron / @Tonewise_Music
Recorded at It’s Not a Bedroom It’s a Studio in Franklin, TN.

Sea Watch Penthouse 800, Ocean City MD

Unit Information–Luxurious Penthouse. Unit has spectacular 140 foot, double wrap around, oceanfront balcony with panoramic views in all directions. Three of four bedrooms are direct oceanfront with sliding glass doors opening to the balcony. Master bedroom has sliding glass doors to the East and North, both opening to the balcony. Dining room is direct ocean front with sliding glass door opening to balcony. Living room is direct ocean front with sliding glass doors to the East and South, both opening to the balcony. Gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and island. Architectural stainless steel appliances. Wet bar with stainless steel beverage center and ice maker. Bathrooms have Italian travertine marble floors and walls, granite countertops, and glass enclosed showers. Penthouse is furnished and decorated in British West Indies style. Floors throughout are cobblestone travertine marble. Passage doors are five panel, solid core mahogany. Closet doors are solid core mahogany with cedar chevron louvers. Mahogany base and crown mouldings throughout. Natural wood ceiling fans, lamps and window treatments. Natural fiber rugs. Flat screen TV’s in every room. Designer lighting with accent lights and dimming controls throughout. All furniture new in 2006. 240 gallon hot water heater. Unit was completely renovated in 2006. Special Comments–The Sea Watch is conveniently located on 115th St and Coastal Hwy on the oceanfront near shopping, restaurants, movie theatre and of course the beach. The building’s many amenities include: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness facility, saunas, huge game room, gift shops, snack and soda shop, new playground, basketball court and a beautiful interior courtyard. In addition, there are maintenance personnel and security available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your peace of mind. The Sea Watch charges a $40 Non-Refundable Parking Fee per car paid at Check-In. Parking for 2 cars. Additional garage parking is often available from the garage attendants at the time of check-in. Sorry, No Smoking, No Pets

HOME : Interior Decorating Ideas

BLOG: Http://beautifymeeh.blogspot.com

Hey everyone! So I decided to make this special video for you all to give you tips/ideas (not only to beautify yourself) to beautify your home. Ever since I got married, I ENJOY shopping for homegoods/decorations. I will have a “open house tour” video for you soon sometime next week to show your around our new house after all the furnitures come in!

I purchased all the items mentioned in this video at Michael’s craft store (except 4 things – Sur La Table).

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned to my channel! =)

“Playing Favorites” (The Starting Line) | Meaning In Masterpiece


MIMday #1
The reason we are starting this series is because in early 2010 we played an acoustic show every single Wednesday night down in Sunset Beach, CA at King Neptunes. Those days meant a lot to us and these videos help us remember those days….ENJOY!
The Starting Line “Playing Favorites” covered by Meaning In Masterpiece

“Playing Favorites” by The Starting Line :

i guess the most that i can do
is make a call and tell you the truth
sing the words in melody
and hope that you’ll believe me
here’s another song for you
so this one this one makes two
i still don’t know where to begin
i’ll just leave it at this

i’m sure you always feel my eyes on you
but i hope that you will never feel unwanted

wait for me to move out west
it’s ok if you don’t
i hope you know
you’re my favorite thing
about the west coast
i wish i stayed
i hope you wait
so here i am
counting down the days
till california comes

this is the least that i can do
you know i’m bad at calling you
the best way i can extend
the lonely words i miss you
i’ll say it but i’m sure you knew
you’re what i look most forward to
coming back to where i’ve been
i’ll just leave it at this

i’m sure you always feel my eyes on you
but i hope that you will never feel unwanted
if you feel unwanted

[chorus x2:]
wait for me to move out west
it’s ok if you don’t
i hope you know
you’re my favorite thing
about the west coast
i wish i stayed
i hope you wait
so here i am
counting down the days
till california comes

till california comes

How to Balance Heating System Radiators – Plumbing Tips

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A brief video on how to balance heating system radiators. Includes lockshield positions and TRV’s. Plumbing Tips – diy.

For more information visit our website at

Today I’m going to tell you about balancing heating systems, why you should do it,
the symptoms that mean you might have to do it, and how to do it. Firstly let’s have a look at the general layout of a heating system.
We’ll have a look at it schematically because that will help you understand why balancing a heating system is so important. Let’s say we have two storeys; Level 1 and gound with the boiler at the bottom.
Coming out of the boiler we have a pump that goes up, through a diverter valve, through some radiators upstairs
and then downstairs with common returns
going back to the boiler. OK? So you’ve got radiators here.
The first reason that a heating system should be balanced
is even if there’s a pump on a heating system
hot water naturally likes to gravitate up
and stay upstairs and then make it’s quick route back to the boiler.
So what you often find is the radiators upstairs are getting loads of heat
and the ones downstairs are still really quite cool
so what you should do is go to the lockshields on the radiators upstairs
close them, then open them at about a quarter of a turn.
You won’t notice any difference in the radiator’s heat capacity or not
but you will notice that more hot water flow is diverted to the radiators downstairs.
Now, you go downstairs, make sure that the radiators are open
and that means the heating system should
be balanced. Another reason you should balance a heating system
is, say, this radiator is getting hot, that one’s getting hot,
and this one’s getting hot, the last radiator on the line isn’t getting so hot
and that’s because these radiators are
effectively pinching the hot water flow delivered by the boiler and the pump.
What you do then is remove the lockshields on these radiators here
strangle those two up there down, shut them,
give them a quarter of a turn. This one here
bring that down, ok, and shut them and give them a quarter of a turn.
We also do a video on why one radiator isn’t getting hot, ‘cos it can
be more than one reason,
not just the fact that the heating system isn’t balanced.
Now that is a brief idea of how you balance a system and why.
Now let’s take a quick look at the lockshield
how to shut it and also to give it a quarter turn nip to make sure that it is all balanced.
So here we are, upstairs, ok. Now the radiators up here get really hot so let’s have a look
at how we’re going to strangle this one down and balance this system.
So here we are with our first upstairs radiator.
There’s four on this system upstairs and do the same thing to each one. Here’s the lockshield end, not the TRV end. Pop the lockshield cap off and close it
by turning it anti clockwise
Once it’s fully closed
just slack it back a quarter of a turn.
Do that to each radiator upstairs and you should find then that the radiator side of the heating system is balanced.
Now let’s look at what we can do to balance out
the hot water coil on your heating cylinder if you have an indirect one. Right, so we’ve
had a look at how to balance the radiators on the heating system.
Now we’re going to have a look at
how to balance the hot water coil on the indirect cylinder.
Alot of houses in the UK have indirect hot water coils on the cylinder.
That means that hot water from the boiler is passed through a coil
in the cylinder and that heats the water up.
Now often these coils are 22mm in pipe size and when the valve opens up
to let hot water through that coil, it pinches loads of heat from the radiators.
Therefore the indirect hot water coil should also be balanced and regulated.
Most plumbers installing an indirect hot water cylinder will put a flow regulating valve
on the return side of the coil Let’s have a look at it.
So, you have your boiler, your pump and your 3-port valve, or if you’ve got an s-plan
it will just be a 2-port valve for each side.
You have all your radiators with their flows and returns. We have the flow coming up here from the boiler, goes through the valve into our hot water coil, in our cylinder
and back out. It is here where we fit our flow regulating valve,
on the return side of the hot water coil. That will go back
into the return side of the boiler.
So, to recap, we have the boiler, the pump, and our diverter valves.
The radiators upstairs have been strangled down and regulated
and the ones downstairs are getting a good flow of hot water.
We’ve also strangled down the return on the indirect hot water cylinder
and the whole heating system now is working properly.
Remember! Balancing a heating system out all you have to do is give each component in the heating system an equal amount of flow

Baby Bunny Jumps and Hops!!

Just brought home my new baby bunny!! I totally catch him hopping on command he is amazing!! His name is “Excalibur!!” his brother Ari Gold is also in the video but he’s shy and hungry lol