Aaron Feuerstein’s Malden Mills

When the Malden Mills factory burnt down on December 11, 1995, Feuerstein decided not only to use his insurance money to rebuild it, but to also pay the salaries of all the now-unemployed workers while it was being rebuilt. Feuerstein spent millions keeping all 3,000 employees on the payroll with full benefits for 6 months. By going against common CEO business practices, especially at a time when most companies were downsizing and moving overseas, he achieved global fame.

Feuerstein claimed that he couldn’t have taken another course of action due to his study of the Talmud and the lessons he learnt there.

Annie Sloan Dark Wax Glaze Tutorial – Quick & Easy Antique Look

The Annie Sloan book I was referring to is Quick & Easy Transformations:

The dark wax can be purchased on her site if you live too far away from a stockist:

I used an old shirt as a lint free cloth, but you could do it the expensive way (but you are better off saving old bed sheets/tees, wash and line dry them (no tumble drying at all!


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3 Outfits Every Guy Needs | Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of shows you 3 essential outfits that every guy needs in his wardrobe. These three perfect outfits will ensure you always will have the prefect outfit for any occasion.
It’s time for outfit show-and-tell. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has come up with a list of three outfits that every guy needs to have ready to rock. The pieces are Alpha’s picks but each are personal preference. If a man has these three outfits in his wardrobe, he will have a solid and stylish option for any occasion
Outfit One | Perfect Casual Cool
Long sleeve charcoal Henley, casual leather belt, distressed jeans and Chukkas. It needs to seamlessly transition between day to night.

Outfit Two | Dressy Casual
Fitted light blue oxford, slim fit corduroys, and monk straps. It’s that outfit when going out to decent dinner, on a date, or somewhere nice in the evening. You can throw on a v-neck sweater and a tie to elevate. Change pants to slacks or chinos or dark washed jeans.

Outfit Three | Dress to Impress
The medium charcoal grey suit works for every occasion. The shirt is simple fitted white button up and Allen Edmonds. If you’re not a suit guy, you can opt for slacks, a button up, and sport coat. Outfit Three is your stylish suit of armor.

Alpha says that these three outfits are his go-to outfits. Alpha wants to see yours! Post your signature outfits on Fitbay by following AlphaM Fitbay Profile, creating a profile, then uploading your signature outfits. Fitbay is awesome! Alpha wants to see your signature style! He’ll see you soon!

How Not To Make Pancakes With Tracy Kiss

Pancakes are delicious with peanut butter and bananas, as we have them once a year on pancake day which is probably a good thing seeing as I can’t flip to save my life and somehow managed to set fire to my glass cooker!? It’s harder than it looks…

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The Hot Set: Episode One

We sit down and chat with Victoria Negri, writer, director, and star of “Gold Star.”

Director: Josh Haslup
Director of Photography: Cory Maffucci
Editor: Derek A. Sabety
Music: Freeplay Music

The first episode of “The Hot Set” from CineSlinger, LLC.

Doorly feat. Matty Pipes – I Worked Hard For This [OFFICIAL AUDIO]



I can’t think of a better way to celebrate DIRTYBIRD’s 10 year anniversary than by releasing 14 great tracks that I fully support. There’s no fluff in here. Everyone from our amazing talent pool has delivered their A game material. And l have also added a few great new names to the family.

It’s hard to believe that this little project started in my bedroom in the Lower Haight, San Francisco 10 years ago. I can distinctly remember hand stamping vinyl promos at home with my friend Fernando and trying to figure out the best way to mail them to Europe. I remember the very first guy to ever call me back about our music was Edgar Dirksen in Frankfurt, Germany, who was working at a now defunct distributor called Neuton. This was the only place that would agree to sell our records back in 2005 and I still thank him for taking the chance on us.

There have been many many people involved since the beginning. Special thanks to all who have helped me run the shop at different times such as my wife Aundy, Mike Bosley, Christian Martin, Adam Carter, Sharen Norden, Bryan James, Luke Williams, Jonathan McDonald, Alastair Duncan and Stacey Gamble. Of course I couldn’t have done it without my good friend and the amazing music producer, Justin Martin, who helped shape our sound and also really define what it means to be part of DIRTYBIRD.

A lot has happened in the music industry over the last 10 years but I like to think we have stayed consistent and managed to enjoy the ride. The players may change but the theme stays the same; keep it fun and funky. So please enjoy this very special compilation of our music and here’s to another 10 years of DIRTYBIRD!

Much Love,

Claude VonStroke

Site: www.dirtybirdrecords.com
Store: dirtybird.merchtable.com