Building a Kitchen Booth Part 1

Building your own booth like they have in restaraunts is easy, it’s just very time consuming. Here is the first part in building your own corner booth!

Saws (jig/hack, circular, chop)
Electric Drill/Screw Driver
Tape Measure
Angle or straight edge

Around 15 2×2’s
2 or 3 sheets of good plywood (preferably red oak)
2 sheets of regular plywood
2 or 3 sheets of designed bead board
16 to 20 ft of fancy trim
20 ft of basic cheap trim (for doors)
8 to 10 ft of corner round trim
8 to 10 ft of quarter round trim
Finishing nails for hammer or nail gun
2 1/2 in. Screws
A pack of 3 in corner angle brackets
Paint (primer)
Caulk and liquid nail
Cabinet door hardware (knobs & hinges)

Intro/Outro Music: Electro Light;Symbolism
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