Buckeye Burl Billets for Fine Woodworking | Luthier Burl Ve

These are some big billets for high end woodworking. Resaw them yourself into veneers or have us resaw them into your specific thickness. In this video there are measurements written to any critical voids that I thought you should know about before purchasing. Each billet comes as is. Cracking and warping may occur during the drying process and is very common. Slow drying indoors or under cover is recommended.

These pieces will also be prime pieces for pool cues, carvings, wood turnings, animal calls, pepper mills, hollow forms, humidors, boxes, bookmatched solid body guitars( I have had a large request for solid body guitars with voids…imagine the look of natural voids in sections of your guitar…I might take one of these and make one of my own for an example.)

Please call for availability and pricing. Or visit californiawoods.com for current availability and pricing on our other domestic and exotic fine woods.

Andrew Somawang